Our first couple of weeks of back-to-school did not quite go as planned with one of our kids getting COVID!!

Thankfully they had received one dose of the vaccine and so it didn’t hit that hard. BUT those 10 days of quarantine were intense because our other child – as “luck” would have it – did not come into close contact with that child… but I did!

Soooo…. needless to say there was A LOT of cleaning, wiping down areas, wearing masks, and not being able to really see either child much those first few days. Thank-you to CVS for many, many rapid tests!!

And it worked because no one else got it, and the non-infected child was able to continue all activities including school because of the non “close contact” rules – holy moly was that decision tree ever a process, not to mention what felt like endless calls with both schools and the various health departments 😳

But my OCD lovvved it!

She had been waiting her whole life for this opportunity!!!

And in this case, it served me (all of us) well.

Let’s take a look at that. What seems to be “negative” often has a positive intention deep down and can really serve us or DID really serve us at one time or another.

Even the beginnings of the OCD are questionable for me…

I was diagnosed during my first year of university – when uncertainties were high and new beginnings massive!

But it actually started before that… with being afraid people would die or be hurt in accidents, and then having to carry out different behaviours to appease the anxiety (fear) of this. It was pretty mild but came out with a bigger vengeance that first year of school and subsiding again afterward.

It’s my spiritual journey over the last 14 years that helped immensely with it and it’s now pretty much gone – all because I tackled the root issue – death. After losing my Dad in my 20’s, and asking, studying and tuning into who we really are, I shifted my fear. Although I’m sure I’m still afraid of dying deep down, I do feel more at peace with the idea that we do live on. After many, many sessions with mediums, angel healers, and learning how to tune into different energies myself, I am much more empowered.

And what’s interesting with the whole thing – is that I knew from a young age my Dad was going to die. I just had a feeling 🤔 I was so sad in grade 4 choir because I felt like he was going to die. I remember seeing a therapist a few years before he passed away and sharing that fear with her. She assured me that alcoholics – what he ultimately died of – live a long time. Probably what I needed to hear at the time, but I knew it wasn’t true deep down.

So did the OCD all stem from a premonition? Not sure. Maybe it was helpful in helping me to feel safe. Like I had some control over the situation with my Dad and others…

Try tuning into something you’re struggling with right now and ask what is the positive intention deep down? What is it there to do? Even if it’s a heavier feeling. Maybe it’s stress around growing your business or taking a leap in putting yourself out there in a bigger way.

The best thing to do is thank it for showing-up, tune into how your positive intention is actually being honoured and valued, in my case feeling safe. How am I really safe? For me it’s about being connected to something bigger and being able to tune in and receive the guidance we all have access to. But what is it for you?

This will help you to shine a light on those fears holding you back that are talking you into not moving forward. Likely from something that served you well when you were younger, but that no longer does now as an adult. Especially one taking risks and growing a business.

Happy exploring and wishing you an amazing weekend! Baseball is back ON in our family! ⚾️ ❤️

~ Chris xox

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