…was for my daughter’s grade 5/6 class!!!

Incase you missed my post on the gram the other day…

I was asked if I would speak on goal setting for these budding change-makers and I of course said yes!!

Funny, I almost shared the more traditional SMARTS goals (I added the S a long time ago!), but then thought I don’t even teach that anymore so why would I share that w the kids 🤔

So I thought about what would be the most important for them to know…

And I came up with the following, and of course created a system around it 🤣 with universal truths infused throughout 💫

1. Ask – give yourself permission to ask for any dream you want to be, do or have! It’s the time to dream big and there is a whole universe waiting to support us! Get as specific as possible – the universe loves clarity 💫

2. Affirm the belief you need to have! And shared that this is where I see most adults trip up so if they can get this now they will be wayyy ahead!!! What do you need to believe in order to make your dreams come true? That it’s possible, that you can do it, that you’re smart enough?? Because most adults have accepted a limiting decision about themselves…but anything and everything is possible!

Keep your dreams close to your heart until you’re more solid in your beliefs…only share with your biggest cheerleaders!

3. Action – keeping saying yes to all of the opportunities and ideas that show-up even if it feels uncomfortable. Keep taking inspired action and you will start to create what you’re wanting and THEN start believing what you’re saying 🙌

This is how we manifest our dreams 🤸‍♀️💛

Chris, xo