This has been my mantra this week.


Sometimes when we’re in the thick of our struggles, when something is going on that we’re having trouble navigating through, we can lose sight of this.

We take the bait. We become disempowered. We can’t see a way out.

But if we can just find a glimmer of empowerment. With the tiniest shift, we can start to remember who we really are.

And how do we do that? Tuning into our own needs which is the ultimate form of self-care ❤️ This photo is of me napping on a girls trip, where I fell asleep in the sun with a face mask on and my feet soaking…ahhh…it was the ultimate!

Because something happens when we take our power back and become empowered.

We show-up differently.

We have more energy.

We become inspired again.

We are focused on what brings us Joy.

We are in one word, empowered.

And the beauty that comes with this?

We become a co-creating maven.

We see the solutions to our problems.

We see a way out of the struggle.

We realize we are powerful.

And where business is concerned, results start flowing again.

Because we have remembered who we are, at our deepest core.

A loving being who is happiest and at their best when they are co-creating their hearts desires.

Everything shifts when we operate from this place.

We are never alone and there is a divine guidance there to support us now.

If we can just make room for even a crack of this empowerment to come in, we can start to take back our power.

Does it mean the problem at hand has gone away fully?

Likely not.

But we see it differently and don’t fall victim to it.



I hope this helps you remember too 💛