Let’s face it, we’re all human and we all have stuff to sort through in this life. Stuff triggers us in our lives and businesses that can throw us off.

We get angry, we get self-righteous, and if someone attacks our character and we think we’re being treated unfairly, watch out! Yikes.

And let’s be honest, sometimes it feels good to be angry. To stay mad. To then seek reassurance from a friend to tell us we’re not bad people and have a right to be mad. Because feeling like a bad person stinks. This reassurance might help at first glance, but it doesn’t fix things deep down. It’s because we’re not looking in the right place. In today’s article I share what really works and how you can tap into it now with one simple mantra.

So when we feed off the energy of being mad, there is something at play happening on a higher level. It’s called the ego. We all have one. It’s that part of us that feels the need to be right, to blame others, to not feel good about ourselves but to avoid feeling bad about ourselves at the same time! It’s sneaky. And it knows the exact perspective for you to see the situation through to get your agreement to buy into that line of thinking. It keeps you small and disconnected from others.

Remember you have a choice. 

It just takes having a higher awareness of what is really going on in these moments, so that we can detach and not be as attached to what is happening. Anger and self-righteousness keep us attached and “in” our story. If we can gain this higher level of perception, we can then be open to receiving a solution.

This is where we can ask for help. 

We can ask (the Universe, God, Source, Creator, Buddha – whatever your belief system is) for HELP.

Ask for a shift in perspective. 

It’s really more of a question than a mantra, and it’s this question that will set you free. You do not have to figure this stuff out on your own, there is a whole support system there designed to help us, BUT you do have to be willing (and also remember) to ask for help. When we’re open to letting go of the anger and hurt feelings, it’s amazing the guidance we can receive and open ourselves up to instead.

I like to say, “Dear Holy Spirit, please show me a shift in perspective around _______. Please help me see this through your knowledge and truth.” Now don’t let the term “Holy Spirit” throw you off. I’m not religious, but I have accepted this terminology after studying A Course in Miracles and it seemed to resonate. Something I definitely resisted at first, but I’ve come to see simply as an energy that is a medium of communication.

And this shift happens fast once you ask!

You will literally think a different thought; or see, read or remember something that triggers a different thought. You will then see the situation completely different. You might see the other person’s point of view, thus having more compassion. You might realize where you’re being stubborn yourself and choose a different course of action. Whatever it is, it will be a thought that garners in a new perspective that has you seeing the situation and / or people involved differently.

And the best part is that it’s never about condoning an act, it’s always just about seeing the truth and where everyone (our selves included) are coming from. It’s like having a wise counsel correct our thinking.

Pretty high level I know, but it works. It’s amazing how much lighter we feel when we let go of heavier thoughts.

This is why seeking reassurance often doesn’t work. Because you’re seeking approval outside of yourself, people are never able to quite give it the way we need it. It’s not their fault, we’re just looking in the wrong place. Go within.

You have all of the power inside of yourself because you are connected to something bigger. You are a part of a much bigger operating system. 

Go on and ask 🙂