In this day and age if you’re a business owner and have an online presence, creating content is key. Content that appeals to your ideal client and that actually helps them 💪

But as you’ve read in my past article, it can start to feel like a “should”.

With multiple platforms out there – I always say 1-2, maybe 3 you love.

Here are the platforms I use frequently that I love the most:

  • Writing here! I LOVE writing and sharing here with this community, which I do through convertkit
  • Posting these article on my blog (website) for people not subscribed here
  • Podcasting! We do this through all of the regular podcast channels and upload through Libsyn
  • Instagram – posts, stories, lives, reels, IGTV
  • Facebook – personal, biz page & private self-care and podcast group

Creating said content can feel like A LOT. Especially if you are posting every day.

There are a lot of people teaching how to schedule content creation, i.e. deciding how often you want to put it out, and then blocking out time to create all of your posts, articles, etc.

I could never stick to that though.

It felt too forced, too contrived.

BUT you know what ALWAYS works?

Being inspired by going for a walk in nature.

Whether it’s a beach walk, hike or walk around the neighbourhood, being outside does it for me.

I get inspired. Ideas just start flowing, and not necessarily about social media, just in general.

And you know what ends up happening?

I want to share the insights and shifts in perspective.

Literally sharing from the overflow on my saucer.

I fill up my cup, get connected and grounded as a result.

And in a place of RECEIVING.

Ladies this is a big one for us!

The ideas and thoughts just flow, because I’m in that state. And like attracts like, so they keep on coming!

I really realized during shut down, I would go for 2-3 hour walks. Man I got a lot worked out in that time!!

And before I would just “trust” I would remember the ideas, but I wouldn’t 🤣

So now I open the notes app (on iphone), and jot down the ideas.

I now even have categories, and as the ideas come in, i.e. a self-care revelation or inspiration for an article here, I know where to put them so I can find them easier later.

Then when it’s time to put the content together – per the block of time in my calendar – I do it.

And this is really where you can onboard help – I’ve tried having support at all of the stages – but I still like creating my own content the best 💛

So all in all, it’s taking the time for ourselves that is hands down the VERY best way, allowing our minds to relax, and consciousness to receive all of the goodness the universe has waiting for us.

Because we’re not alone in this.

And when we’re asking for the universe to show us the people we can help in our businesses, this is part of it.

Right down to the content.

I hope this helps you too and that you can find your own way to connect and receive 💫


~ Chris xox

Let’s connect on social too if we’re not already!