So I’ve realized something important with all of the extra stress and busyness we’ve had over the last month. I speak a lot on “not letting the pool go green”, and this basically means life isn’t perfect. It is never going to be. Just when you think you have it all under “control” something else happens to throw it off. My motto is as long as you don’t let any area suffer too greatly (i.e. go green), then you’re in good shape.  It’s really all in how you handle it. You can choose to either respond or react.


I’m also a big believer in the importance of self-care, for creating the results you want in your business and life, by operating from a more peaceful and relaxed state. So when you’re busy, this tends to be the first thing to slide. I suggest adding in a day at the end of a super busy week to just have some relax time. Where you unplug and recharge. This also helps maintain a more calm state as you’re going through a busy week, because you know this down time is scheduled in.  You’re basically tricking yourself into not being stressed. #jedimindtricks


But what happens when you are completely stressed out because you have something major to deal with? So I’m talking about something bigger then just a busy workweek and having to put extra time in on a project. I mean something so big it’s all time consuming with it taking up every last bit of energy you have and even disrupting your sleep. It could be a death or something else like a move.


You cut yourself a break. That’s what you do.


When you are under this much stress, your main goal is to make it through the day. You’re in survival mode only. This is NOT the time to take on a new project, tackle that to do list or take a parenting class. That can wait. It’s about doing whatever you need to do to get though the day, and that’s IT! You can take comfort in that it isn’t the way it will be long term and it is in fact temporary. Give yourself the space to focus only on what is needed each day. Create a to do list that reflects only those items and don’t add in anything else. Try to take care of yourself in the process too. Go for a walk or a massage, even if it seems like you have absolutely no time for this. It will make a world of difference.


That is all. I am giving you permission, because someone recently gave me permission.


This is a different level of busyness and requires a different mindset. If you start setting up unrealistic expectations for yourself you will create more stress, and you already have enough on your plate.  Just cut yourself a break. This too shall pass.


I also find it very helpful to take a few minutes to feel gratitude every day.


I have spent countless hours negotiating and researching over the last month and half, and this helped me immensely. And then there was the rat.


My husband had just left on a business trip and our nanny had just finished up for the summer. I was flying solo amongst the chaos, and then I saw Mr. Rat scurry across our floor. After screaming and talking to the dog about it, I went and got a trap, strapped on my rubber gloves and got it handled.


That is what we do, right? We. Get. It. Done.


BUT what has been amazing through this entire process is that it has all been divinely orchestrated and guided (probably even the rat!). Everything has fallen magically into place – and I mean, BIG insurmountable feats that have taken miraculous solutions to appear kind of solutions. I am SO thankful every day and am still in awe. When you expect miraculous solutions to appear outside of what your current circumstances are showing you, they actually happen! It is truly a fantastic space to live in. We. Are. Limitless.


I send you lots of love while you stand in your brilliance, don’t take no for an answer AND get sh*t done.


Love & Light,


~ Chris 🙂