Chrissy, is there something that is showing up a A LOT in your life right now? It’s NOT a coincidence. I once heard a story about a woman that went to the grocery store and ran into an old friend from high school who had become an Anger Coach. The woman then went home to find a house filled with a miserable husband and children who were yelling and screaming at each other, which was unusual. She realized the way her family was acting was actually a mirror showing her what she normally acted like. Guess what the universe was trying to tell her? Yep, you got it, she had some “anger” issues to work out.
What I have realized though, is when people use the expression “what you give is what you get” (hence the mirror analogy), is really about how you are treating YOURSELF and not just OTHERS. For the longest time I thought what was showing up in my life was about how I was treating others, wherein it is really about how I treat myself (which then leads to how I treat others). So with respect to the woman in the example above, not only was she being mean to her family, but she most likely being angry and mean to herself.
Usually the type of behaviour we need to fix is self-sabotaging, meaning it’s affecting all areas of our lives and preventing us from growing.
See if you can answer the following questions:
What is showing up in your life? Do you notice a theme that keeps repeating itself through your conversations and experiences with others?
What does that mean to you? Why is it showing up and how does it apply to the way you are treating yourself?
How is it affecting your business AND personal life? How would your life be better if you changed this behaviour?
What is one thing you can do immediately to change how you are treating yourself? Remember, being aware of it is half the battle.
* Watch and see how things start shifting for you!