Meditation helps us to relax our minds and bring clarity and focus to what we want. It helps to ease that internal chatter that is always going on. It is a tool that helps us enter a deeper state of relaxation and we are also a lot more creative after a period of stillness. Meditation also increases serotonin production, which influences mood and behaviour. Regina Drueding, MD, is a meditation instructor at Life Circles in Utah, USA. She quotes the benefits of meditation as follows: “more energy, improved quality of sleep, decreased anxiety, lessened chronological aging, improved concentration, improved visual acuity, increased alertness and heightened immunity.”

There are different ways to meditate. For all of them you should be sitting or laying down in a comfortable, quite place. There are guided meditations that you can purchase on CD or tape, and you can find them on line or at your local bookstore. Pay attention to how long they are and make sure they fit with how much time you want to spend meditating. Another way is to focus on your breathing. You can either take deep breaths in and out, or count to four while breathing in and count to four while breathing out. Your thoughts will drift and that is normal. When you realize this simply resume to focusing on your breathing.

Meditation will help us to create a positive mindset and experience a sense of peace while making changes in our lives.