Some of my friends treated me to a spa day this week to celebrate my new book coming outย Abundant Soul-utions: A Mompreneurs Guide to Manifesting Success through Self-careย ๐Ÿ’›

Not only did we have amazing massages, but we also made use of the facilities in their entirety! The steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, along with the pool, roman bath, and hot tub!

We hit it ALL!

It was truly glorious!

But what wasnโ€™t expected was the impromptu photo shoot that took place!
I brought everyone a copy (it will be available soon!), and we decided to have one of the staff there take some photos.

I was thinking maybe a nice one by the pool would be great…

Well I haven’t laughed that hard in AGES!

It turned into multiple angles, with multiple locations, and lots of pointed toes and leg crossing…

It just “happened” that the woman taking the photos loves photography and was pretty darn good at it.

And she was so funny, with telling us to smile and then do a “normal” shot and would laugh in this funny laugh to get us going, which sent us over the edge cry-laughing and then creating these “normal” shots.

OMG! SOOO Funny!

Not to mention one friend knowing exactly how all of us needed to pose with our legs crossed and toes pointed. Dang it, I messed up in this one! Lol.

When I first went to this spa after moving to San Diego, I always thought it would be fun to go with a group of friends, and thought maybe someday I would even treat them for my birthday.

Well, never did I ever imagine that I would be celebrating the release of writing a book, and that my friends would be treating me โค๏ธ

The universe always has some fun plans for us if we let in the love!

And one of my favourite parts of the day…was when we were all zen’d out and relaxed at the end, we’d laughed and had fun, that on the ride home my friend and I were like…”see it does work!! Self-care for the win”.

And adding in my two cents – it makes all of the difference in how we make decisions and therefore what we’re creating and manifesting as a result ๐Ÿ‘Š

My heart is full, and I am so grateful for these beautiful friends (and for the others who were there in spirit).

And the book will be available for pre-sale soon with some fun bonuses! So that we can all sit poolside with it this summer doing some high kicks ๐Ÿคฃ