We’ve been having the best time in Canada this week!! I even had the chance to host an Arbonne Appreciation night for my Arbonne clients in Toronto! It was so much fun meeting them all in-person and they are just some of the most incredible people!! I am blessed to be working with such amazing people who lift and fill me up! 🙂



One thing I discuss often with clients is how to master manifestation. Check out my article below on this topic! Have a fantastic weekend! I am looking forward to a TON of dock time at the cottage 😉


I definitely believe what we give out we get back. If we give out a positive, happy vibe, we will get more back to feel positive and happy about in our lives. If we give out a stressed out overwhelmed energy, we will get more back to feel stressed out and overwhelmed about. From a law of attraction / vibration perspective – we put out an energy (positive or negative), and then we therefore receive more opportunities that are either positive or negative (depending on what we put out). I have found that with the law of attraction, it’s not so much that we attract more positive or negative circumstances / opportunities, etc., it’s that we see more positive or negative circumstances / opportunities, etc. What we want is always there for us; we just don’t always see it because we’re operating at a lower more negative – as some say – vibration. I prefer heavier. Picture a denser, thicker energy, as opposed to a lighter energy. Negative thoughts carry a heavy energy.


So what does this mean for business – well say you have a financial goal you want to hit over the next 6-motnhs. The way to make it happen is already there for you and your vibration needs to match each next step so that you can see it. Feelings of unworthiness or not good enough will block you from seeing it. It’s literally like turning on a light switch where you can suddenly see a world full of opportunities that are fun and exciting! What’s interesting is a lot of my clients end up seeing opportunities to take them to the next level that were literally right there the entire time, but they didn’t feel good enough to notice them. It’s such a great shift to witness.


I want to take this concept a step further though…


A lot of people get hung up on what they’re creating and why. So for example, if something someone perceives as “bad” happening in their lives, they start to judge themselves and wonder why they’re creating it. Why is that showing-up? This is for the people who recognize they are responsible for everything showing up in their lives – good or bad – and who are working on taking control of their emotions and what they are in fact creating so that they can create a life they love. The revelation though, is that they’re not creating anything good or bad. It just is. It’s us that assign a positive or negative value on things that happen. We’re taught through family, cultural and societal belief systems on what is right and wrong. We have assigned the value and created the rules. Our belief systems then dictate our perception. Our perception creates our thoughts and therefore our feelings about people / circumstances / events.


So what we’re really projecting and getting back is the thought about something, not the actual circumstance. Stuff is going to happen in life and business. It just will. So the whole “mastering of the law of attraction” thing, is not about creating the “perfectly positive” life. Whatever that is anyway. It’s about changing how we think and therefore feel about these situations. If we’re feeling negative, the most “positive” event could occur and we would find everything wrong with it. On the flip side, if we’re feeling positive, we can see the blessings and have gratitude instead for the exact same event. The event didn’t change, we did. So it’s really not about what we’re creating, it’s about how we’re seeing it.


We have a choice with everything that shows-up – we can react or respond, with sometimes the best response being no response at all (which involves being secure and confident with who we are). The more we “let go” of our attachment (rules and expectations), to these events / people / circumstances; the more we can neutralize our emotion. We therefore give out peace, and we see more and more peace around us regardless of what is happening in our environments. Even on the shittiest of days.


The truth being we can either respond with love and create feelings of expansion, or we can project fear and shrink into littleness. This in turn will dictate if we see more love or more fear in our lives.


If we truly believe we are bigger then our circumstances, that there’s more to this world beyond what we can see, and that we truly are unlimited eternal beings, we can let go a heck of a lot easier and realize most of this stuff doesn’t matter at the end of the day