In that it’s not a one size fits all!

Two things that rub me the wrong way in our world right now, specifically on social media, dieting & marketing advice.

Eat this way, or do this to get your health in order.

Green smoothies are going to help you. No wait it’s intermittent fasting. Hold up, do keto now instead, and on and on…

I learned a long time ago, there is not a one size fits all. What works for you may not work for me, and vice versa.

But it can be easy to fall into this trap when we’re listening to other people. Especially when they are uber convincing. Especially when we are listening to everyone OUTSIDE of ourselves.

And marketing is the same.

Do teleclasses (that’s a throwback 😳), no do webinars, no for sure you need to do lives at least twice a day.

What the heck?!

But again, what works for one person might not work for someone else.

EVEN if that person has generated 6-figures or whatever from their system. Did it work for them? Probably. Can it work for you? Sure. Will it? Maybe not.

Because there are a couple of things at play…

First, if you don’t feel good about yourself and what you’re offering, unfortunately it doesn’t matter what strategy you try.

This is when business owners come to me saying I can’t find clients or there’s no one to talk to, it’s usually an internal issue.

When we feel off, we literally don’t see all of the opportunities in front of us. It’s like we can’t see through the cobwebs that are clouding our perception.

Second, say we do feel good, and we are excited to get out there and connect with more people…well that’s just it. If we don’t feel connected to the strategy and aren’t in alignment with it, IT WILL NOT WORK.

That’s why I always say choose the strategy you are excited about. You and only you. You do you. This will be felt in everything you do and everyone you touch.

I recently ran 7-days of self-love and lined it up with the chakras. I loved it so much and it was for sure a divinely inspired idea. I then thought to add in 7 days of giveaways to go along with it, which was also a divinely inspired idea during a beach walk one day. I had people dropping hearts during those 7-days and there was so much energy and love around it, it filled my heart right up ❀️

And did it translate to sales? It did! We offered a discount on my Abundance Accelerator course for one of the days, which again was another inspired idea.

But notice a theme…divinely inspired ideas! Listening. Tuning in. Being of service. I loved connecting with people so much that I didn’t care about the sales. And then the sales were also a part of helping people. It was all about love, connection and helping. And love attracts more love ❀️

So tune in this weekend, and ask yourself, what is your divinely inspired idea that is rooted in being of service?

And if you need help with feeling good and solidifying your worth and / or the strategy piece along with learning how to tune in to your own soul’s calling, we’ve got you.

I have a whole team of certified coaches waiting to serve you. And they are some of the most amazing, accomplished people I have the privilege of having on my team. From coaching top athletes, becoming in the top 2% of networking marketing companies, to having their products featured on The Today Show, to winning real estate awards, to working with 1000’s of employees to create more fun, to brining years of education to connect your mind + soul for healing, to going to college at 16 and starting businesses! These folks are it and can help you too.

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