Well, aside from the unexpected manifestation of connecting with Dr. Demartini, I was able to connect with two other chiropractic schools about speaking and someone else about writing for their magazine, which serves over 50 000 readers! I have also connected with some folks who are struggling in getting where they want to be with their practice. Things were flowing at this event for sure 🙂

The following serves as my exact manifestation process.

1. Set the intention as outlined above.

2. Stay open to the divine guidance on showing you the next steps. I had the “idea” to walk around the vendors’ expo, and so I did. I had no idea that being a speaker would catapult my status so much and was amazed by the reactions. It was fun! I connected with the people I was meant to and had really wonderful conversations.

3. Be aware of subconscious blocks trying to get you to stay safe. The subconscious mind is designed to keep us safe. Growing a business and putting ourselves out there is scary, and anything but safe. One of the people invited me to their VIP party one evening. I was tired after a long day and could not ever fathom having one more conversation. I even went as far to change into my pajamas while I ate in my hotel room for dinner. I put my dress back on and almost stopped myself from going. I really couldn’t image even one more chat. Bu then I thought to myself, will I regret this decision later when I’m not tired? The answer was yes and so I went. Once at the party, I had THE best time! I met several Canadians who are doing amazing things with mission trips to India and running empowerment events, which they would like me to speak at. I met the president of a chiropractic school, who we had an instant bond over our love for New Zealand (my Dad used to live there and I visited), and we chatted about me potentially speaking for their school. All because I showed up. Pay attention to how your subconscious will get you to stop. For me, it’s when I’m tired. In the past I’ve “allowed” it to talk me out of doing things because of this. You know thoughts like, I won’t follow-up with this person because my energy is off – or I’ll just do this later because I’m too tired, and then I don’t produce the best quality. If you can figure out where it gets you to stop you will be miles ahead.

4. Stay in a loving state. My intention is to see the best in everyone and to truly connect on a deeper level. If I start to get triggered, I become curios so that I can see what is really going on and then move through it. When you operate from a place of love, and your intention is to truly give and receive it, your vibration is instantly elevated and you will see all of the opportunities for more love and abundance to come in.

5. Follow-up! Be diligent in bringing the seeds you’ve just planted to fruition. Be persistent and diligent. You have to really want something to happen and do whatever it takes to make it happen. When you are excited and passionate about what you’re creating, this will not be a problem. You will have endless amounts of energy for it.

Have fun manifesting your desires and dreams! The sky is the limit and you truly have an unlimited universe providing unlimited resources for you! Just say yes!!

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