I just got back this week from Peru, and I can honestly say this was one of the most amazing trips of my life. Life changing really. I had no idea just how beautiful Peru is. Here is a picture of our shaman, his son and a friend they ran into on one of our hikes!


It was quite evident that the primary lesson for me was to learn to let go. Today’s article is about why this is so important in life and business, and when you can tap into this state you will have all of the riches life has to offer 🙂

One of the first things I realized upon arriving in Peru, is they have a much slower way of life. You can’t be in a rush when you’re there. You really do have to go with the flow. Our flights were always delayed and we would sit on the tarmac for an extra hour every time too. It’s just the way it is there.

I opened a book when I arrived and the chapter title said; Let Go. Pretty obvious. This lesson continued while traveling with a group. Letting go of controlling the details and needing to know what was happening at all times went out the window pretty fast. I am usually your typical type A personality. I love to plan and organize, so letting someone else take care of the details was a little uncomfortable at first. It quickly became peaceful and relaxing to let others handle those things though. It was almost like a way of receiving, instead of always being the person to give.

Our first day working with the shaman, or a poetic mystic as he refers to himself, was outstanding. I had been a little nervous about what to expect before hand, but he and his son were so welcoming. It wasn’t just their words that created a warm environment, it was their energy. When I sat next to his son, I felt complete love. His heart was completely open and I could actually feel his unconditional love. It was beautiful.

We formed a circle that day and it dawned on me that none of the “busyness” we get so caught-up with really matters. It’s really just about love and allowing ourselves to experience it on a daily basis. I knew right then and there that my biggest lesson of that trip was to open my heart completely and let the love come in. I also realized that “opening our hearts”, as so many of the self-help books out there refer to it as, doesn’t have to be this big process. You can just open it. That’s it. Step into the love that is there waiting for you. From this place everything and anything is possible.

Throughout the trip I had a deeper and deeper awareness of this. I also learned that I have been living too much in my head. Making decisions from there and really living up there most of the time. I can tell you it’s very noisy, busy and unrelaxing.

Instead I learned that it’s okay to live from our hearts. To make decisions from that place. To check-in with our hearts for the answers. Always. The mind can then be used to help us carry out our desires in a positive and creative way. That enables our minds to really shine.

This also enables us to let go of the thoughts that aren’t serving us. The worry, the doubt, the struggle. Instead we can step into this beautiful place where everything does work out for the best. Where abundance and happiness flows. This is a place where we’ve let go of the attachment to what we want. This really means we are letting go of controlling everything. We are letting it flow to us instead, and it actually happens much more quickly. Some amazing things happened with my business while I was away and in this state.

Now that I’m back, I am really trying hard (more like allowing myself), to implement what I’ve learned. It has been working for the most part, and I am less stressed and happier. I am in the flow.

I invite you to think about where you need to let go. What are you trying so hard to make happen? What if letting go actually would bring it to you more quickly? What if you lived each and every day from your heart instead of your head? How would your life be different?