I am sooo excited for today – I am taking Level 3 in Reiki! I am looking forward to opening up to the ethers even more and my teacher is adding in some cool additions that sound amazing! I started working with her in-person back when I lived in Burlington, Ontario (Canada). She is now in London, England and myself in San Diego, California, and I am thrilled she is now doing virtual trainings! FUN!!

So let’s talk about the opposite of FUN for a sec.


It is what is going on deep down under resistance.

It can come across in clients as being “uncoachable” and closed-minded…

But it’s really just a deep resistance coming from fear.

And you CANNOT talk them out of it.

Like you’ve probably experienced yourself, analyzing until the cows come home usually doesn’t help us get anywhere… it usually just leads to more analyzing…

You’re not addressing the problem on the level it’s at either. talking about strategy from this place WILL NOT help someone move forward.

They will get frustrated…. you will get frustrated… and it just won’t be super empowering for anyone…

So what can you do instead?

Realize this is a belief level issue (a story they have bought into around fear).

So take them through an exercise to help them shift their belief.

What is the feeling coming up, the fear associated with it, and the lesson to be learned?

Because what we resists persists, and the reaction we’re experiencing is coming up for a reason.

My kids love to belt out “TRIGGERED” when they me, I mean someone else, in reaction mode! Man are these youngsters super aware!

All kidding aside, I have found time line therapy to be super helpful in digging out where the feeling behind the reaction stemmed from.

From there you can help them create new empowered beliefs that support the real outcome they are wanting to achieve.

And IF they resist your efforts in helping them, you may need to ask them if they are wanting to resolve the issue, and if this can help would they like to try?

They still have free will and need to want the change for themselves. If you can help them chunk back up to their bigger vision that can help 💛

Happy Shifting!

Chris, xox

P.S. Our latest podcast on all things A Course in Miracles is all about letting go of judgement – of ourselves and others – on a deeper level. We hope you enjoy it 😘