I gotta have faith a faith a faith! Remember that song by George Michael? A classic. That song always pops into my mind when I think about faith.

Today I want to share with you what faith really is because it has been the secret to my success and following my dreams 🙂 Faith is a belief. It’s the belief that you can do anything in life. It’s a knowing. How would your life be different if you knew you could do anything in life with absolute certainty? What if you knew your success was certain?

Let’s Talk About Faith!

What I’ve come to realize is life can be truly magical when you step into faith and have trust that everything will work out. It’s when we try to control every little detail that keeps us stuck – or takes things a lot longer to happen. When we’re in this place, we’re too attached to the outcome. We’re not trusting it will actually work out, and we’re actually operating from a place of fear. We’re worrying about what will happen if it doesn’t occur, thus attaching ourselves even more to the outcome. When we try to control how things happen, it actually blinds us from seeing the opportunities around us.

On the flip side, when we trust that everything will work out – it always does! We release what we want to the universe, and watch what shows-up in order to help us make it happen. We know our success is certain and that they way will show-up, and it always does. Every single time.

Let’s use a concrete example. Say that you’re worrying about money. You have bills to pay. You’re so focused on the problem that you can’t see a way out. You are worried. You are stressed. This is not a fun place to be.

What if you could shift your energy and focus on the solution instead? The law of polarity (a universal law stating there is always an equal opposite) says there must be a solution to every problem. It already exists. You just need to raise your awareness (vibration), to see it. Your problem has a lower vibration than your solution. If you’re stuck in fear and worry, you will not be able to raise your vibration to match that of the solution. Meaning you won’t be able to see it, even though it’s right there waiting for you.

Here are 6 tips to help you move from fear to faith, and from opportunity to fruition.

#1. First, you need to shift your own vibration. Read something inspiring, watch a movie you’re passionate about, or read a book with meaning. It might be a fun song that you like to dance to, or playing with your kids. Whatever it is do it fast. You need to pull yourself out of that negative state. It’s only going to bring you more to be afraid of.

#2. Start stepping into faith. You must take on this belief. Think of a time when you didn’t know how something would happen, but you believed it would and it did. Take yourself back to what you needed to do and who you needed to be, in order to make that happen.

#3. Have faith in the solution until you start creating new experiences for yourself. I recently shared that I had a limiting belief about summer months being slow for business. A prominent coach told me this once, and I accepted it to be true. I’m happy to report that I have successfully shifted this belief! July 2013 was not only my best month ever, but I also had my best week ever – generating more business that week then I did the entire year before! It had nothing to do with business strategy and everything to do with mindset / beliefs.

What’s important to recognize, is that you have to decide to have this new belief. Then you have to believe so strongly in what you’re trying to achieve that you won’t accept anything less. You have to believe in your belief, until you start creating new experiences to reinforce it. One you have a new experience (in this example a new client), you can build on it. It becomes easier and easier to believe anything is possible because you have more and more proof.

#4. Look for the solution. It almost becomes a fun game. If you’re having a problem, the solution must exist per the law of polarity. So where is it? It’s there somewhere. Even changing your mindset to curiosity will help you shift your energy away from fear. Start noticing what shows up for you. I can’t tell you how many times I will be on facebook thinking I should contact a person who has popped up, and then a day later – or even the same day – that exact person ends up contacting me! It’s truly amazing. You must stay focused on finding the solution at all times. If you start to drift back into any type of fear, pull yourself out by repeating #1 and #2.

#5. When you start noticing all of these amazing opportunities, you must be willing to take action to bring them to fruition. They are not coincidences and you must remember that these new people / experiences / opportunities are showing-up for a reason. You must be willing to have a sales conversation. People cannot buy from you unless you ask. There are literally people asking for the type of help you offer right now, and you need to be the version of yourself who is confident and owns what you can do for others. If you talk to someone who needs / wants what you have to offer, you must be willing to tell them they need your service. It might sound bold, but people want to buy from others who are confident and sure of themselves. Think of yourself and how you make your buying decisions.

#6. Let’s talk money. Sometimes the opportunity that arises will involve you investing in your growth. It might be to raise your awareness or to help you move to the next level. If you truly believe your success is certain, and that you’re willing to do what it takes to move forward, then this shouldn’t be an issue. How amazing would it be to not make decisions based on money? Pretty liberating to say the least. It’s all about breaking free from these beliefs that hold us back.

Have fun with this! It truly is a magical place to operate from. You will be amazed at what the universe has waiting for you!