I typically love this time of year…as we finish one and enter the next…and the inspiring energy that comes with the new year that’s about to begin…
The day dreamer in me loves it! It’s the time to think about our hopes and dreams and is filled with limitless possibility…
I usually share an exercise on allowing yourself to dream big and set your intentions for the coming year…which I will
But first I want to share a different type of exercise. One where we reflect.
I usually have clients check-in; what worked, what didn’t, what needs to change, and ditch the shame and allow in the grace…
But I loved the questions Mel Robbins asked on one of her podcasts (“How to make 2024 the best year”). They allow for a deeper reflection.
And while I’m always trying to look at the lessons as tough situations arise; I think there is something to be said about looking back at the year as a whole. Because we tend to forget. We move through something. We learn. And we’re on to the next!
So let’s reflect a little bit first about the year we’ve had before jumping into the next with our powerful co-creator, manifestor of all things, inspired energy!
And I don’t know about you by my year was a doozy. And I can’t believe I almost forgot about it all 🤦🏻‍♀️
Here are the three reflective questions she asks on her podcast:
1.     What were the highlights of the past year?
2.     What were the hardest aspects of your life over the past year?
3.     What did you learn about yourself this past year?
Great questions right? When I look back at my year, it was one of the most intense I’ve had. Probably ever actually even compared to those filled with grief. Maybe it’s because there was so much in one!
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