For those of you celebrating, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends! For those of you who didn’t, I hope you had a peaceful and loving week 🙂


We enjoyed many activities this year, with one of my favourites being making cappelletti’s with my Mom and kids. This was a tradition for my Mom and her sisters growing-up, where they would spend a day with my Grandma, great Grandma and great Aunt, making all of the cappelletti for the big Christmas Eve dinner they hosted for family and friends. My Grandma never turned anyone away, and so you can imagine how big of a turn out they had!! The basement was completely turned into a dining hall, where tables were linked together to form one super long table for everyone to sit at together. I used to love going to this when I was little – my cousins and I would play for hours outside building snow forts in the big snow banks that formed in Northern Ontario (Sault Ste. Marie specifically). As years have passed and generations shifted, my Mom and her sisters have continued on this tradition with their kids. This has become a special tradition for us to carry on with our kids too 🙂



As we come to the end of 2017 – can you believe it??!! – it’s a great time to take inventory on what worked, what didn’t, and why. With CURIOSITY and not judgement. Let’s do this below in the article section 🙂


Wishing you a ton of sparkle and love, as you ring in 2018!!!


So how many times have you set a goal only to not achieve it? You get inspired, think BIG, and then boom another month passes, and it doesn’t happen.


The wind gets let out of your sail.


You feel deflated.


You start to wonder why you’re even doing this. You enter a doubt spiral.


If you’re lucky you pull yourself out.


Well, there’s no such thing as luck as we create our reality, and we also create our results or lack there of. This is humbling I know, but it’s also empowering, because we have the power to create what we want instead.


The first step is to look at what worked, what didn’t work and why.


It’s important to recognize what did go well, because there’s no way it was all bad. We tend to focus on the negative – seems to be in our nature.


This doesn’t just apply to business either. This is about our goals in ALL areas of life. Maybe you wanted to take more time off to travel or be with your kids, but ended up submerging yourself in work again.


Start with one category and again ask what worked, what didn’t work and why.


When you get to the why it didn’t go well (if it didn’t), it’s important to “go curious” as I like to call it. Stay objective. As soon as we take it personally, it triggers the core wound of “not enough”, and we then feel like a bad person and guilt, shame and blame start to enter in. Only we can assign judgement. What if it just is and doesn’t mean anything? How refreshing.


We also don’t want to sit in the “why” for too long. We want to go there enough to see what needs to improve, but not to dwell.


Next, it’s important to look at what needs to change so those “why’s” you identified don’t stop you again. What systems, support, thoughts, beliefs, and environment do you need to have in place so that it doesn’t stop you? Where are you letting yourself off the hook? This is where understanding your subconscious beliefs will help, so that you can identify what lens you are seeing life through. It is trying to get you to stop. It wants you to feel safe, and growing a business and making personal development shifts does not feel safe. Challenging old belief systems and paradigms that have been in place for years, in no means feels safe.


What do you need to believe in order to feel safe?


What shifts will help you be set-up for success this year instead? What stories do you need to let go of? Where are you showing-up as a victim instead of an empowered and powerful human being?


The other important piece to recognize is that you must believe your goals and intentions are possible. If you’ve never achieved them before, it’s imperative to look at someone else who has as an example, so that you can believe it is possible to begin with. This applies a lot with time. When we put time lines on our goals we may not believe it’s possible to achieve them in that time period. Again look to others who have, in order to believe it is in fact possible.


From there, it’s believing the universe will support you in achieving your goals.


The universe knows no size in miracles. It’s only us who add the judgement around it. Anything and everything is possible, we just need to be willing to also take INSPIRED ACTION to bring them to fruition.


We must take the steps, regardless of how scary.


We must work through the stuff that’s holding us back, regardless of how scary.


We must believe we’re worthy no matter how much our ego tells us we’re not.


Who do you want to BE by the end of 2018?? Let’s do this.