The issue I see is that people are so tightly gripping what they want most. On a day-to-day basis this looks like trying so hard to make it happen, focusing a ton of energy toward it, and working harder and longer.

Well, instead of this taking them quickly to their goals – it leads to overwhelm, burnout, and even resentment.

It’s definitely not taking them to their goals faster and absolutely not giving them the peace and freedom they set out to have when they started their business.

I know, because I used to live in this wheelhouse too.

Sure there is freedom to do what you want when you want, but there is not freedom from thought in this place. Thoughts binding you to what you are working on.  An attachment so fierce it’s all you can think about, and what you’re breathing in daily, down to the minute.

This is not a place of freedom whatsoever.

True freedom comes from being able to control our thoughts. To rid ourselves of the  negative, lack-based thoughts that have a tight grip over us. That keep us playing small, spinning our wheels and never quite feeling good enough or accomplished enough.

True freedom is having empowered thoughts that come from love and faith. Faith in something bigger then us – in an energy guiding us that won’t without a doubt let us fail.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges or obstacles, or even down right crappy days. BUT when we allow ourselves the freedom to feel, to move though our emotions – THAT is actually peaceful and empowering.

So…how do we let go of trying to control everything, reduce that overwhelm and become empowered in our thoughts?

  • Know there is something bigger then you that has your back. Start playing and experimenting with this, and use past experiences to rely on while you’re creating more of them. You will start to reprogram your belief system.

  • TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. If you’re overwhelmed, you’ve lost the connection to your higher self. Schedule in time for this right away. Add fun and relaxation into your life. It will make a WORLD of difference. Trust me if you can’t see it for yourself right now. Do this for a month and watch how things shift – in life AND business.

  • Follow the divine guidance being shown to you. With a clear, relaxed mind, you will be able to recognize and follow it much easier.

One of my clients just started doing this on a deeper level. She started allowing herself to feel, to start connecting and really loving herself by taking the time just for her. Did she have “time” for this?  Not by society’s’ standards. Her time was scheduled to the max with a ton of “have to” items. You know the ones.

She was working with clients, but not able to hit that next level. She was working so hard to make it happen, so what was the deal?

Well, through doing some deeper work we realized she wasn’t loving herself and looking for it instead in all of the wrong places.

From there, it took making a different decision and making herself the priority.

She scheduled in time she didn’t have just for herself, and let go. Let go of the worry and tried trusting this instead. Well, almost instantly two new clients showed up willing to pay her higher and more appropriate rate.

It’s like magic.

Let go of the worry and control, relax and take care of yourself, and follow the divine guidance available for you.

She continued to do this during the week and more continued to show up.

How can you practice these principals this coming week?