When we sat down with Ella’s teacher this week, we were advised that when she is around a certain group of girls she misbehaves. They’re all great girls on their own and with others, but for some reason they make a fierce combination all together. They misbehave, are disrespectful and do not listen.


We have been talking with Ella about what she can do to remove herself from a situation when poor decisions are being made. Never an easy task to take a stand and do something different then the group. 


What was interesting though, is her teacher said, “Ella needs to choose to be around people who help her be successful in class”.  We then went on to discuss who those people in class might be for her, it was deemed that she would do well with the girls who are focused and don’t lose sight of what they’re working on regardless of what is going on around them.


I chuckled a little bit and said this is true for all of us. The people we choose to have in our environments are of the utmost importance. 


Are you choosing people who are kind, loving and supportive? Who bring the best out in you? 


This ignited an interesting discussion with my husband, our 9-year old son and myself. My husband was gearing towards surrounding yourself with other people who are successful, quoting the phrase about being the average of the five people you hang around with. 


Although I do believe that’s true, and have quoted that before myself, I ‘ve also come to believe that it’s more about who you’re be-ing.


You can be successful – what is that exactly anyway? – it’s different for everyone – but you can also be successful and still be an a-hole. Excuse my language, but really. That was a subconscious block for me for years – rich people are rude. So I had to find rich people who shared the same values as me to model instead. Otherwise I would have continued to sabotage myself financially.


What I wish for my kids is that they surround themselves with people who make them feel good, who are kind and supportive and who they also support. Where they encourage each other to go after their big dreams and never ever settle for less.  I also think they can have role models and peers in a variety of areas; such a sports, academics, and later on professionally.


As my husband so eloquently quoted his father, “you can’t fly with the eagles if you’re running with the turkeys.”


Are you an eagle or a turkey?


Find the eagles in all walks of life – that bring out the best version of you in a variety of ways; whether it’s parenting, business, finances, dreaming big, and having fun. You get the drift. Surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you in ALL areas of your life and who exhibit the traits you wish to have. That is true success.


Namaste xo