This week I’m busy preparing for my fist THRIVE Mastermind retreat! I am so excited to spend two-days with an amazing group of women business owners. We are going to some pretty powerful transformative work, and have lots of fun at the same time!








This is one of my big dreams coming true! To do an offsite intensive in a beautiful beach setting! Yes!

On the flip-side of that:

Did you know that less than 20 % of U.S. households earn $100,000 a year!?

This means that a much smaller percentage of women are creating six figure businesses.  Why is this an important statement?  Well, while most women claim that they want to earn lucrative incomes, only a few of them are willing to change their thinking and their habits to create the business breakthrough that they want. The truth is, you can’t be maintain a “comfort mindset” and become a high-income entrepreneur. Sorry ladies, you must do more then this to actually succeed at breaking six-figures.

There is a secret ingredient that must be present in order for you to break this barrier.

A sense of urgency. There must be a sense of urgency so powerful within you that it pushes you forward to realizing your dreams. This can be having a huge mission – whereby you are so motivated to bring it into the world that you will do anything to make it happen. It could be a lifestyle motivator – like moving to a different part of the world. I had this one awhile back – the desire to move to California (from Canada), was so big inside me, that I did everything to make it happen. I was committed. For you it might even be to provide for your family. To contribute to your household in a powerful way – being able to give your children opportunities.

What I’ve found is there usually needs to be a financial commitment that goes along with your bigger purpose – to create an even bigger sense of urgency. It’s unfortunate that it has to be this way, but unless you have a little skin in the game, it’s very easy and I repeat very easy to keep that bigger vision as just that. Some day. Someday it will happen. When it feels comfortable. After all, when you’re on the right path things flow easily right? Not. This used to trip me up. I thought if you were on the right path everything would flow easily. The opportunities do flow easily, they do.  Meaning you make a decision to do something and the universe simultaneously provides the way to make it happen. BUT it’s the inner work that makes it hard. We literally cannot see the opportunities the universe provides because we are too caught-up in our heads. We second-guess everything, our fear clouds our judgment, and we doesn’t take action. It’s this type of work – cleaning out those unconscious beliefs holding us back – that must happen. You have to be willing to dig this stuff out if you really want to have a huge impact in the world and realize your dreams. When you make a financial commitment to help you achieve this, all of a sudden you raise the bar. It forces you to take action. People take it seriously when they spend money. It solidifies the commitment that you are willing to do what you need to do – and BE who you need to BE – to do the things you really want to be doing.

I promise this isn’t a sales pitch to have you invest in coaching. If that is something that calls to you, then do reach out. I share this with you to let you know what worked for me, and what helped me build a six-figure business. It was the investment in a mentor that helped me dig out the root cause of my fears (which were holding me back from being who I needed to be in my business to make it a success), and shifting those beliefs that were keeping me stuck. Are you the type of person that is willing to go for it? Your intuition will never tell you to play it safe Laughing It’s time to let it SHINE!