Who you surround yourself with is everything. The Ferrari racing was part of the mastermind group I belong to – a group where I work on my business and myself. I say working on myself because even though I initially thought I joined just to work on the strategy piece, I realized that what I get out of it is much more about mindset. Being around people who are constantly striving to be better, do better and help more people inevitably rubs off in positive way. “They” say you are the average of the 5 people you hang around, and I believe this to be true. Who is that for you? Who are you hanging around?

What amazes me is just when you think you have things under control, you put yourself around someone who is miles ahead of you, and suddenly your mind is stretched and you realize there is a whole new level that you weren’t even dreaming of before. Because it wasn’t in your current awareness. You realize you’ve been playing way too small, and there is an even bigger world out there to play in and be a part of.

When you surround yourself in this energy you can’t help but grow and expand your awareness. You can’t help but want to strive to expand your reach, help even more people and enjoy your life in a beautiful way with friends and family. Your energy rises, your results increase and you step into an even better version of yourself! What could be better?

Take a look at your life right now and look at where you are playing small. What needs to shift? Who do you need to surround yourself in order to step into the best version of yourself? And yes, this may take an investment 😉