I had the best time at my book signing last weekend at our local spiritual shop, Neiki, in town. Since writing my book I have had the pleasure of getting to know the store owner and I am just so grateful our paths have crossed. Having support and love from other business owners is so powerful. Especially when we run our own businesses and don’t have the typical support we would in a corporate setting.

Speaking of other female business owners, a friend of mine who runs her own business let me know she really resonated with something I posted on social media the other day and I’ve been thinking more about it…

Just because people don’t share their struggles on social media doesn’t mean they don’t have any struggles to share.

I think what happens is that we lose sight of the fact that we are all STRUGGLING.

Struggling with something. Whether it’s not knowing where your next client is coming from, a health issue, looking after elderly parents, juggling work and kids, or parenting teenagers (🙋🏻‍♀️ that’s my current struggle, er I mean lesson).

We ALL have something we’re going through regardless of how much personal development work we’re doing.

But I do find the more work we do work on ourselves, meaning identifying our own wounds and triggers, we do become more aware and can let things go more easily.

So when things do pop-up, because there is no shortage of problems and they will continue to arise, we can zoom out ~ you can literally close your eyes and zoom high above the situation at hand and look down on it ~ which will help you have a shift in perspective. Because as we work on ourselves, this is ultimately what we’re doing.

Having a shift in perspective.

From fear to love, which is the ultimate miracle 💙

Where we’re able to see the situation (and ourselves) with clarity. This state of being equates to a loving, calm and grounded energy.

Which leads to compassion, and seeing the solutions there for us. We are more resourceful and more loving.

Truly a winning combination.

So remember this next time you think someone has it all on social media. And remember you also don’t have to share your struggles unless you want to.

I typically share after I moved through something, with the intention that maybe the lesson I’ve learned might help someone else.

You might be different. Maybe having extra support while you’re going through something is helpful. While other times, maybe you need to go inward and take a social media break.

But please, just because you are a coach, teacher, business owner, etc., it does not mean you have to be perfect and have it together all of the time. That is just an unhealthy expectation that is setting you up to not feel good about yourself when stuff happens.

Whatever your fancy, cut yourself a break. You are amazing whatever you are currently going through 💜