When I take Roxy for her routine walk at the local park, I also use the time to get clear and focus on what I would like to achieve that day. The other day when we were out, I was contemplating something I read by Marianne Williamson that really struck me. We are here to let our brilliance shine, and when we do this abundance flows naturally. So I said a little prayer out loud that morning asking for some help with shining my brilliance! Later that day the most AMAZING thing happened! I got an email from a super successful woman that I have been following for a little while now. I subscribe to her ezine and have used some of her products. I had written her an email in response to one of her ezine’s that I found to be particularly helpful. I have to point out that I do not know her personally and she has a huge number of people following her. She even has people that check her email for her. She said that I had been on her mind and could we talk.

During our conversation she said she was trusting her intuition and decided to contact me. She wanted to talk about possibly working together! I was blown away to say the least! Coincidence that she contacted me the exact same day I asked for help? I think not! I have no idea what will come out of our call, but I can tell you it has motivated me in a whole new way. I was a believer before in the powers of the universe, but I guess I didn’t know just how amazing the opportunities could be if you are ready to receive them.

Here are some tips that I think will help you to ask & receive help.

1) Be open to receiving help. We don’t have all of the answers and when we open ourselves up to other powers of the universe, amazing things happen!

2) Ask for help. Get clear on what it is you would like help with and then ask. Ask out loud when you are by yourself. Who you are asking help from depends on your own beliefs, i.e. God, the universe, source, etc.

3) Don’t worry about how it will come. Release it after you ask. Just know the answer is coming to you every time you do think about it and then release it again.

4) Be aware. The answer is likely right infront of your nose, but you have to notice it first. You could even set an intention that day indicating you will be aware of new opportunities and solutions. Setting an intention is super powerful.

5) Be open to receiving the idea when it comes. Trust your initial response when something presents itself. It’s usually when we analyze something that we let the fear of it set in and change our mind about going forward with it.

6) Take Action. The universe will supply you with the way, but it’s still up to us to take action. Do it fast before you can talk yourself out of it!

“Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try.”
– Mary Kay Ash