This week I learned an important lesson. It’s okay to change your plans and dreams as you go. Your plans may change as you gather more information. As long as you go in the direction that makes you happy, all is good 🙂

As most of you know, my dream was to move from Canada to California and live by the ocean. The first part came true almost a year ago – wow time flies! We decided to live in an area that involved a short commute for my husband. We are in a small community right at the base of the mountains, and we just love it! We can hike here, the schools are great, and it has a real “community” feel. Life is good.

My husband’s role at work has recently changed enabling us to move closer to the beach. At first this was exciting! Yay, the second part of my long time dream was coming true. However, it soon became stressful looking for houses and narrowing down suitable areas to live in. We have had SO many moves in the last couple of years with getting ready to come here and then with actually being here. Also, Jay’s commute realistically, would be so much better if we stayed here.

I realized something important along the way though. In my mind, I thought if we stayed here I was giving up on my dream to move closer to the ocean. Here’s the thing though. I actually love it here. I love walking in the mountains. I love the small town feel here. I’m also ready to get settled and stop looking at houses! What I’ve learned is that dreams can change. Now I’m not saying that I don’t want to eventually move to the beach, but for now, I’m happy here. It’s funny I kept thinking staying here was the “easy way out”. BUT what’s wrong with easy? I’ve decided to follow my heart and go with what makes me happy today, and it’s here. I feel at home and I’m excited to lay down some roots 🙂

I wanted to share this story with you so that you too can see that it’s okay to re-assess what you want and make changes accordingly. It doesn’t have to be so black and white. And who knows, if you’re not flexible, you could miss out on something really wonderful 🙂

* A special thanks to Chris, Jan and Amy, for helping me see the light 🙂