This week I really enjoyed speaking for the ewomen group in San Diego. I shared the myths on work / life balance. It was a great time and the best part was raffling off a special self-care give away 🙂


Chris speaking


I’ve realized that stepping into the person you need to be in order to truly achieve the success you want in your business is a lot like giving-up diapers.



Hear me out. My little girl Ella is 5. She was potty trained quickly; by the time she was 2.5. She was trained within a week. That is typical Ella fashion though – always on to the next step before barley being finished with the first. However, she’s been in pull-ups at nighttime for awhile now. My husband and I are pretty lax  about it – we know she’ll be done with them when she’s ready. She has indicated several times before though that she wants to be done with them, but whenever she gives it a try she always ends up having an accident and ends up back in pull-ups.


It dawned on me that this is a lot like letting go of a belief system that no longer serves an entrepreneur. Ella isn’t quite ready to let go of being a little girl and fully stepping into her big girl underwear. Literally. Just like a lot of business owners. They say they want something else; whether it’s the freedom to do as they like, have more time off, pay themselves a bigger salary, and so on. BUT how many people are willing to do what it really takes to have the type of life they are so much yearning for? For so many people this involves letting go of an entire belief system. It means changing how they look at life, how they make decisions, whom they spend time with and setting major boundaries with people in ALL areas of their lives. It essentially means letting go of the story they’ve been telling themselves for so many years – a lifetime. This isn’t easy and most aren’t really ready. So they resist. They keep one foot in the old paradigm and the other inching it’s way into the new. This can only last for so long. They either go back to the old belief system and stay living the life they desperately want to escape, or they fully let go of the past and embrace what the new, empowered future holds for them. This is when they become free.


So what are you going to do? Are you ready to ditch the diapers and put your big kid undies on?