Ahhh…the highs and lows, ups and downs of being a mompreneur

I shared with you last week that I had the best time at my book launch party…

What I didn’t share was the real life “sh@t fest” going on behind the scenes 🤣

We had run out of dog food…we’re on auto ship for our two pups and can only get the food online…mistake #1…🤔

I decided to feed them rice and some leftover ground turkey we had with a little pumpkin puree..that is what the vet has recommended before when one of them had a virus…mistake #2 with Australian Shepherds…🐶

The 💩 fest that ensued was out of this world! It was everywhere!

So while I was getting ready for the party all week, I was also constantly cleaning up 💩 AND washing the dogs backsides…sigh

And the morning after my party was no exception…I had an early morning zoom scheduled for a speaking engagement…

I got dressed from the waist-up, which I never do, I’m always nervous I’ll have to get up for some reason and end up exposing my bottom half 🤣

But on this particular morning I didn’t want to get fully ready with having to clean-up all of the 💩 that ensued over night 🤦🏻‍♀️

So I’m sitting there smiling in my pretty pink sweater, hair still looking nice from the night before, talking about work / life balance, while all I can smell is 💩

Oh vey.

And that is real life 🤣💛

At least the talk is on “Don’t Let the Pool Go Green” and debunking the myths around work / life balance! That’s a chapter in my book too 🙂

Because it does not exist.

Where there’s a high there’s a low, where there’s a lull there’s progress, and so on and so forth…it’s the law of polarity.

And like we mentioned in our podcast this week and last, we’re trying way too hard to fix this world. There is always going to be something. And when we’re trying to make it “perfect” we’re in fix it mode and never good enough mode. The breeding ground for stress and overwhelm.

What we can do instead, is realize there will always be something, and the more we can laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously, the more we can allow things to roll off our backs, go with the flow.

And to me that inner calm is true balance.

It’s all in the letting go of the anxious thoughts…

And wow! That was a lot of 💩 emoji’s in one email!

Happy to say we are back on track with the dogs AND have ordered an extra bag of dog food while still being on auto ship 🤣 Thanks to my husband for that great idea!