Well, we made it! The day after I sponsored Inside Edge in Scottsdale, we moved to the beach in San Diego!!!! It was a whirlwind of activity, but worth every second. 🙂


I have been enjoying the beautiful ocean breezes and being able to go to the beach at the drop of a hat! I am truly living my dream.


This is a picture of my husband, kids (yes Jude loves to be naked), and my Mom breaking in our new hot tub (thank goodness she was here to help with our move)!


I am going to share more on exactly how I made this happen, as it dawned on me there is one critical piece that is unclear with the teachings out there (including the ones I’ve done too), on universal law. Watch for an invite in your inbox soon!


Article: Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Stuck?


It costs money to travel.  Money also gives you the luxury of having more time. When you can stop trading your hours for money and leverage your time, you will have more of it. When your business grows, you can also afford to hire people to help you – again, giving you more time. We live in a world where money gives us the means to experience the freedom we desire. It’s neither good nor bad, it just is. It’s simply an exchange of energy.


Society has deemed money as being bad. Most of us were taught some type of limiting belief about it when we were young. Beliefs like people with money are evil in some way; we have to work really hard to earn money; or if we want to have nice things, it’s in some way bad. Unfortunately, these beliefs stick with us even when we’re not aware of it. We think we want what success has to offer, but deep down in our subconscious mind, we’re telling ourselves a different story that completely contradicts what we say we want. These beliefs rise to the surface in unexpected ways, such as self-sabotage and procrastination. It can also feel like you can’t catch a break and that nothing seems to go right. It’s likely that your energy is out of alignment with what you really want. You say you want one thing, but deep down you don’t, which sends out a confus ing message to the universe. This in turn gives you that exact match back – mixed results.


The reality is that it’s your birthright to experience abundance in all areas of your life. We are meant to live beautiful lives full of happiness and peace. Our purpose in life is to use our unique talents in a way that will bring joy to others. Something that helped me shift my perspective around money was hearing about a business owner who reached the million-dollar mark. This was a great achievement, but that wasn’t the part that impressed me. It was what she did with it. She created a charity where she was able to give back to a cause she felt strongly about. That was enough for me to make the shift! What an amazing ripple effect our financial abundance can have on others


What’s important to point out is that it’s our attachment to money that we need to let go of – the idea that if we could just have this, then we would be happy. Of course it’s okay to set financial goals for ourselves, but letting go of the attachment to it is key. Being of service, loving ourselves, and giving to others will lessen the attachment to money. Money of course is not the be all and end all. It just operates as a vehicle to create more good.


The ability to let go of the attachment is necessary for anything you are trying to create in your life. Have you ever noticed the more you try to control something, the harder it is for it to actually happen? There is a reason for this. If you want something to happen, you must stay unattached. The more unattached you can stay, the faster it will happen. This might seem backwards, but it has more to do with faith and trust and less about control. When you truly believe something will happen, you become less attached to it because you know it’s certain. You will also stop trying to figure out how to make it happen and will let the way flow in. When you try too hard to make it happen, you actually repel the very way to manifest it.


When we refer to money, it works the same way. Knowing your success is certain will make all of the difference. Trusting, having faith, and believing this to be true is the missing link. What happens next is truly magical. You will then become aware of all of the opportunities available to you now. You may even see an old idea with a different perspective. It might all of a sudden seem like the greatest idea, and you will wonder why you never thought of it that way before! Be prepared for amazing things to happen!