Did you know that you have the capability to decide what your day is going to be like each & every day? The way you can do this is by setting your intention. You do this by simply saying out loud each morning what it is you want. For example, sometimes I will say “Today I set the intention that I will have a magical day”. From there I simply believe it (there is something power that happens when you say things out loud and shifts your thinking), and then I release it. By releasing it, I mean I let that thought go and just trust that is the type of day I will have. It’s fun to see what shows up in my day from there. Sometimes it’s something exciting in my business, like a really cool idea. Other times, it’s having a great conversation with someone that is really motivating or inspiring. It’s fun to see what you will attract into your day.

You can also use this for absolutely everything you are working on in your life. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about surrendering & letting go of control, so that the universe can bring you what you are desiring. My daily intention over the last little while has been “Today I set the intention that I have complete trust & faith in the universe that _______ will happen”. Doing this type of exercise really just sets the tone of your attitude for the day. It takes the worry out of life, and allows you to be in a state to receive all of the magical gifts the universe has waiting for you.

So what kind of day are you going to have today?

Action Challenge:

What are you working the hardest on right now? It could be something to do with yourself personally, a project, a relationship, etc. How do you want it to look? Set the intention daily and see what happens…