I enjoyed the most amazing get away earlier this week! 3 whole nights away with just my husband! It was glorious! Sooo much relaxation time!

What’s funny is that on our drive there, in my mind I asked the Universe to upgrade our room, and for free please 😉

We had never been there, but I did see online that some of the casitas had private hot tubs 🙂

So at check-in I asked if there were one of those rooms available.

The gal said yes and gave us the price per night. Great, we thought only an additional $300 total that’s worth it!

Then she gave us the total and it was way more than double. 🤔

What were we missing?

We finally figured out that she wasn’t giving us the nightly rate, but the additional fee per night.

Ahhh… well given that is was 99 degrees out when we arrived, we decided the hot tub wasn’t worth it.

I was like dang Universe, I said for free!

Oh well.

So we go to our room and it immediately feels small. I could have sworn the room I booked had a sitting area.

My husband lays down on the bed, and declares there is no way it’s a king – we sleep on a king at home so well versed in the size 🤣

I call the front desk and say that I think we’re in the wrong room since I had booked a king. She confirms that’s the case and that this room wasn’t marked properly and that there aren’t any kings left in this more private section.

She also says there should have been a fireplace – insert sitting area I thought was supposed to be there.

She says she will have to move us to a different part of the resort which is no big deal.

I then say, maybe that upgrade would be appropriate now?!

She says she can’t give us the room with the private hot tub, but says she’ll check on something else.

Well, needless to say there was an upgrade in between those rooms! One with a bigger room, king bed, soaker tub, fireplace with sitting area PLUS right in-front of a pool. The resort has 48 pools and now I know why! There are a few main pools, but then a bunch of smaller pools nestled in amongst only a few casitas.

We got moved to one of those. For free.

And we pretty much had our own private pool and hot tub, with it being 10 steps from our front door.

Now that was a round about way to get a free upgrade but it happened!!! And I would take the pool over the hot tub any day in that heat!!

I’m realizing more and more that we just have to ask, as opposed to visualizing the outcome we want.

Ask, and then take notice of the steps to bring it to fruition. Because they are always there.

And also with this comes trust. Trust that not only is there something bigger than us guiding us, like a whole Universe, but that we are the Universe. It’s inside of us and we are a part of it.

The Universe is not outside of us.

I thinks this term got popular with good intentions, but now it’s misleading with it seeming like there is some galaxy outside of us.

But the guidance system is inside, and something we are connected to.

The Universe isn’t showing us one way or the other, anything we see outside of ourselves is just a projection of how we’re feeling. Fear and all.

Tune into our latest podcast episode of One Simple Truth, where we talk about all things “the Universe”, and what it really means to manifest miracles.

And for the record, my “asking” is really to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Angels. I got more comfortable with this language with studying A Course in Miracles, and to me it’s really just a higher consciousness we are all connected to, the feeling of love that we just can’t see.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and a BIG Happy Mother’s Day to you all of you wonderful mamas out there.

You are loved 💙

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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