I had the best time emceeing an event this week!

I truly had the most heartfelt experience and can’t wait to share more with you on next week’s podcast…

How I worked through my nerves and what happened as a result ❤️

Here I am all mic’d up and ready to go!

But back to money being the root of all evil… or is it?

What if money is just a a tool in the external world that we give far too much clout?

It isn’t good or bad, it just is.

And it’s all about what we do with it, and how we are making decisions around it.

Tune into our podcast this week where I share a doozy of a time I had recently, and how I worked through it…

PLUS the number one thing we ALL must when making decisions.

Empowered decisions = empowered results ⭐️

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox