This is a question I’ve been pondering for awhile now. When referring to my business, I used to say all of the time that it wasn’t about the money. After all, my mission is to help as many people as I can, see that they’re limitless. I also didn’t want anyone to think I was “in it” for the money. But lately I’m wondering, what if it is about the money? What if it is about building a lifestyle you love and creating experiences for your family? What if you can help more people by having more money?


In today’s article I share my thoughts on this burning hot topic with the intention of helping you shift some of those heavy beliefs around money 🙂 After all, you won’t be able to create more of it if you think it’s bad to begin with. Who wants to do anything “bad”? We’re good people, right?

When people say it’s not about the money. What they’re really saying is, “I’m a good person. I don’t care about material things. I want to help people and I don’t care if I get paid for it.”

Where does this line of thinking come from? Society. We’ve been taught at an early age that money is bad. That people with money are filled with greed and only care about accumulating more stuff. Of course there are people like that, but not everyone with money possesses these traits. From a spiritual perspective, it’s our ego wanting more. That it’s never satisfied with what it has. This makes it even harder to see that it can in some way be good.

What about this though? What if we can appreciate what we have, be grateful for every step of our journey and be excited about what is to come in the future? All at the same time. A state where we’re excited about the life we are creating for ourselves, our families and our clients. What if?

Money doesn’t have to be such a heavy thing. Of course, if you’re never happy and you continue to buy things to fill a void, then that’s where I see it as a negative. My dad actually called me materialistic once – ouch. Looking back at that time in my life, I do think I was. It was before I embarked on my spiritual journey and I really wasn’t very happy. I had lost the passion for my career and our weekends consisted of partying too much with friends. I had big dreams, but was definitely settling for less and trying to fill that void. I didn’t even realize it at the time, and I was always striving for more to make me happy. A bigger house, designer clothes (tons of shoes I might add), and a nicer car. I can see what he was talking about. After acquiring the bigger house in a pristine neighbourhood in Canada, I realized this. Why did I want such a big house anyway? More rooms to clean and the yard work was consuming us. We just wanted to be. To enjoy our new family. That’s when my journey started.

My thoughts on this have evolved a lot since then. It’s okay to have a big house (if that’s your fancy), just hire people to help you maintain it. You are giving people jobs and giving yourself the gift of time. This applies to any size house really 🙂 I know, this goes against what most of us have been brought-up with. One of my mentors explained it like this: if you’re adding more life then it’s okay to spend the money. You’re creating a positive experience for yourself and someone else. Even with a kitchen renovation you are giving someone else a job.

Let’s talk about what money actually is. Its just paper (or coins) that represents an exchange of energy. It’s neither bad nor good. Society has put the negative connotation on it. If we really believe in abundance and that is there for everyone, that also includes money.

Something that may help you reshape the way you think about money is to think about what you would do with it if you had more of it. Would you travel more, live in your dream location, have help around the house, give back to an important charity? What about in your business? Does it make sense that you can help mope people if you make more money? Really think about that for a minute. One example, is being able to hire an office manager to free up your time so that you can expand your reach. Maybe you would use the money to sponsor an event where you can connect with more people you can help. Maybe you could even build a team that duplicates what you do, so there are more of you helping more people. The possibilities are endless. So why is it that money is so bad, or that we feel ashamed about it and have to add in that it’s not about the money?

Let’s take a stand. Let’s realize that money can actually be used for good. Let’s say it is about the money, proudly and loudly.