I started watching the man as I got closer and saw that he was watching all of the surfers out in the ocean. I don’t think he even noticed I was there. I then thought how interesting that this other gal would be so afraid that this man was going to harm her or someone else. Maybe he was a stalker, but he seemed totally innocent to me.

I then ran around the corner to secluded area and found this guy.CA Blog Pic 10-03-15

And then I thought really? A man is lurking around one corner and we have a beautiful artist around the other? How interesting that two people can have a totally different experience.

It comes down to perspective. One from fear and worry, seeing things in a jaded way. The other with love and connection, sprinkled in with some trust and faith.  For a split second I was scared. I looked over my shoulder after entering into the secluded area, and then caught myself. I had a fantastic morning and was feeling thankful for so many things, and I thought would a stalker really be showing up right now? I don’t think so.

I was a great lesson in remembering we all have different perspectives stemming from our belief systems. If you’ve had a negative or scary experience, or something even happened to someone else you know, you are going to be much more apt to operate in this world with a fear-based perspective. I do get this as we had a murder in our family years ago. I have come along way in letting go of a lot of fear in my own life.

This is important to recognize in business too. You just never know where someone else is coming from. You just can’t take things personally or even worse take on their perspective. Fear can serve you in an immediate danger type of situation, as it will help invoke the flight or flight response. BUT, you can’t walk around operating from a place of fear. You miss all of the opportunities to love and connect. It’s this connection that will lead to massive business results and a high quality of life.

So I proceeded to have a great conversation with this artist – the picture does not do his painting justice! It was ah-mazing! I am going to look into buying it actually. It was that fantastic.

I also super loved his sales ethic – paint beachside and showcase your work to the people walking by. He had already made a few sales 😉

Where can you be innovative in your sales process by showing people the real you?

Have a little fun already 🙂