There’s a lot of hype these days about finding our life purpose… and quite honestly it can trip us up!

Finding our life purpose sounds magical, but to be honest it can be another ego-trap…

We definitely want to do what we love, but does it mean quitting your day job or even switching gears in your business as you go?

Not necessarily.

There is a ton of pressure to “find” our purpose.

Meaning we’re being taught to look outside of ourselves.

That’s the ego part.

Tune into our podcast this week where we share how to identify if you’re in your ego or not, A Course in Miracles style 🙂

And also become aware of a super interesting way this shows up in in the personal development world, and how it has a bit of an “ick” factor.

Have an amazing weekend! We’re looking forward to celebrating our daughter’s 13th birthday today, July 4th with friends, and our son’s 16th birthday on the 7th! So much fun!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox