What I’ve found to be true is that intention is everything. When you set intentions, they come true. Even when you don’t think you’re setting any, they still come true. What happens in your outer world is a direct reflection of what you’re mentally intending. Take a second to really think about this. If you’re not getting the results you want in your business, what intention did you put out there to begin with? If you wanted more clients, but instead found yourself stuck behind the computer doing “busy” work or creating yet “another” program, you likely intended to do just that. You probably convinced yourself you needed to do that before getting those clients and in turn focused your energy there. Instead, you could have said you wanted 3 new clients by the end of the month. You then would have found that all of your ideas and br ainstorming would have been centered on just that. All of your “work” time would have been focused around getting the three new clients, instead of getting caught-up in that busy work. Pay attention to what you have intended on. Intention creates focus, which in turn creates action.

The secret to using intention in a positive way is to be aware. I start every day off by going for a walk with the family dog. At the beginning of the walk I think to myself that I would like to be thankful for what I am and have by the end. Everyday, just before finishing my walk, I always “seem” to remember this and think about everything I’m grateful for. For me, this helps start off my day on a positive note. Think about how you can do this in your own life. What do you want in your business and personal life? What will help you lead a happier more peaceful life?

Set positive intentions every day. Think about what you want to accomplish each and every day. If you’re working towards acquiring 3 new clients, what do you need to do each day to work towards that? I also like to set the intention for what type of day I’m going to have. For instance earlier this week after returning from holidays, I reminded myself that I was returning late in the week and likely wouldn’t be able to achieve everything I wanted to by the end of the workweek. I decided to cut myself a break and came to the conclusion that it would be what it would be. It was a good thing I set the intention to feel this way, because later that morning when it was time to take the kids to school I realized my keys were in my husband’s car and he was already at work! I didn’t stress one bit and we all hopped on our bikes and enjoy ed a scenic ride to school. My 5 year-old son even commented that it was nice to exercise before school 🙂 I also didn’t stress when my “work” day was thrown off, and I was instead grateful to a friend who helped me with all pick-ups, and getting to and from sports engagements later. What a saving grace she was. If I had started my day instead with feeling stressed out with all of the work I “needed” to get done, I would have been a hot mess after realizing I didn’t have my keys 🙂

Try to think about the intentions you will set each and every day. Have fun watching them come true! It is a little magical 🙂