Awesome week! Both kids were back at school, which means back into routines for everyone. Yay! Here is a picture of Ella on her last “first” day of Montessori 🙂

I was running on the treadmill the other day and had some amazing insights! I think it was the energy inside me building momentum combined with a clear, open mind. Amazing what can pop in when we give ourselves the space to let it!

Read on to learn about the insights I had that will CHANGE your outlook and therefore your business!

“Insights from the treadmill…”

I usually watch t.v. while I workout. For me it’s a break and a chance to tune into something light where I can “turn” my brain off 🙂 On this particular day, I decided to watch that music talent show where Howard Stern is a judge. Know the one? People perform for a chance to have a Vegas show and are eliminated if they’re not good enough to continue. During this episode, a 12 and an 11-year-old girl performed. They were awesome! One sang and danced; the other was a DJ spinning rhymes 🙂 They were given some pretty tough feedback afterward. My initial reaction was to shield them – I even wanted to reach out and tell them not to listen to those silly judges, and to follow their dreams! But then I realized something. If these girls could see this feedback as just that, feedback not failure, imagine how far they would go. How is it helpful to sugar coat things for people? How are they going to learn and grow into the best version of themselves? The comments were valid, and hopefully they were able to see them as that – an opportunity to improve their performance so that they can be the best it can be.

If we are too busy trying to be “perfect”, we will never get out there. Koodos to these girls for trying! Even bigger koodos to them if they can see it as feedback and nothing else. Imagine receiving that kind of feedback at that age! How much stronger will they be when their adults because of this? This will definitely impact how I parent my kids, and view my business too. How many times have you stopped yourself from truly getting out there, or worse yet, taken every bit of feedback that you receive personally? In terms of my kids, they absolutely have to have feedback in order to grow!

The other insight I had was from the breaking news that popped-up about the war in Cairo. ENOUGH with the fighting already!!!! We need to work together, and be filled with love and peace. Every time we send out a hateful message, talk about someone, think in fear or lack – you name it – we’re contributing. This has to STOP. What would happen if everyone operated from a place of love? If we all truly believed we could have abundance in ALL areas of our lives, not just financially? What would happen if we accepted ourselves and others for who we all really are? It has to end – but I’m not going to get angry about it. That would add to the problem. I will be pro-peace instead of anti-war any day. It all starts with each of us individually – working on ourselves and spreading our love and light to those around us. What can you do today to fill yourself with love and abundance? It’s here. Waiting for you 🙂