I had the best time speaking last week in Seattle! It is truly beautiful there 💚 It was a whirlwind of a trip – one night & one afternoon to see the city – and was soooo worth it!

The group I spoke for were amazing…so heart-centered & willing to share…and the city was apparently the clearest it had been in years and was GORGEOUS! And in my flurry of activity, I forgot to get this out to you 🤦🏻‍♀️

I wanted to share a thought I had while I was there…

I arrived at the hotel, which was this beautiful sanctuary surrounded in nature, just a mile from the airport! It was nestled into a forest complete with walking trails! Truly a gem.

I was able to check-in early which was exciting after an early morning flight, and I was excited about the big windows and views I saw on their website in advance.

…but when I got to the room, my view was the parking lot. Still treed and nice, but the parking lot, nonetheless.

And I thought to myself, “who cares you’re here for one night, and it’s still pretty…”

But then I thought, “but what if there’s a room with a better view?”

And so I called down, and there was!

It was on the other side of the property facing the forest area AND it was on the ground floor just a little ways down from the entrance to this beautiful area…it was amazing!

And I was reminded in that moment…

It’s okay to ask for what you want!

How many times do we settle for less, not speak-up, and tell ourselves it’s fine?

Well it’s this energy that keeps us in things always being “fine”, instead of taking our power back, taking a stand for what we want, and making it happen!

It’s that darn people pleasing again.

And I have to say, I had the best time in this room! I spent a few hours working next to this view with the window open, and then had an ultimate self-care experience! I walked the grounds, sat in the sun for a good 30-minutes, then enjoyed the tub and bath salts that came with the room, a face mask, and a movie! I woke-up early the next day and did a meditation from the chair overlooking the view.

This empowered energy was everything in the way I showed-up for my talk ❤️

So tune in, and ask yourself, “what are you settling for right now?” It could be big or small, but it all has a ripple effect…