I’ve been thinking a lot about extremes lately…and I am reminded again that I don’t really believe in them.

I’m really more of an “in moderation” kind of gal…

I spent 6 months this year on a crazy strict regime to reduce inflammation and get rid of heavy metals.

My short-term memory had taken a major toll for the worst and it was super scary. I was struggling to remember what I had said and where I had been, and with finding the words I knew were in my mind but I could not for the life of me find them to form sentences. It really hit a head after quizzing my son on a test and I could not read the words in a sentence. I could read them in my mind, and then not be able to say them out loud.

It was scary and embarrassing, and I was starting to shy away from conversations from people. As my naturopath put it, “you are going down a fast path to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s”. So scary. It felt like a diagnosis but then wasn’t at the same time because I could fix it.

And so I went on a massive heavy metal cleanse after getting my Ph where it needed to be, took a ton of supplements AND changed my diet drastically.

No gluten, sugar & dairy (which I was mostly doing anyway), AND no alcohol and really nothing else except for meat (of the highest quality), fruit, raw cheese and honey. NOTHING ELSE. It was the carnivore diet, and if you want more info. check out Dr. Paul Saladino on instagram here

It was hard but I did it, and honestly it became a nice reprieve. Meal choices made easy – fruit as a side with an amazing rib eye! Yum!!!

And along the way I lost the 24 lbs I had put on during perimenopause (and a fight with a parasite) that I had been struggling to get off for years! This happened in 4 months 😳

I got a clean bill of health at my last check-up two weeks ago AND that was with adding back in some wine (okay maybe more than some the other night on the dance floor 💃🏻) and also some carbs, “Qui, Qui Baguettes” as our Eiffel Tower guide would say, which got a little out of hand over the summer…it was Paris though!

And I’m reminded…some things we do for a reason or a season, but for the most part doing things in moderation instead of extremes will keep us sane…

I learned that putting myself through a ridiculous exercise regime is not what would take the weight off…

I learned that once my body was healed it was okay to add a few things back in…

So perhaps we need to be a little more kind to ourselves…

Have the glass of wine,

See a naturopath,



Spend time with our kids,

Connect with our clients,

But nothing ever needs to be all or nothing…there can always be a happy medium ❤️

I’m always going to be the person who is spiritual and spicy, with hopefully the right dose of both!

And I’m happy to say walking, yoga and doing the stairs by the beach are my jam! Low impact for the most part 🙂

Find what it is for you…maybe it’s more intensive and maybe it’s not…but one thing is for sure…whenever it becomes a “should” we’re out of alignment with loving & peaceful thoughts about ourselves ☮️

As we head into this holiday season, let’s check in, “what will give me more peace?” and let’s do that!

Wishing you lots of empowered thoughts today and throughout this season 🙂