Hi! I filmed this on a walk the other day, and was going to share it on social but decided to share it here instead ❤️

As coaches we are so amped to help people… but there is one vital thing that has to happen first! And also why follow-up is so important – for coaches + real estate agents in this scenario 🙂

And yes I’ll continue to give my kids unsolicited “life lessons” as they call it 🤣

And for those of you wanting to take a deep dive into A Course in Miracles, in our latest podcast episode of One Simple Truth, we discuss how the ego has no shortage of “up sells” and that it’s always ready to show us more to “add on” to project a certain image.

But… as many upsells it tries to get us to buy into, we’re already perfect just the way we are. Tune in during a workout or like me, by the pool this weekend 💙

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. Come say hi on “the gram”!👇 If you missed my interview with one of our featured coaches Natalie Scott, go check it out! She is so awesome she even included a special bonus at the end when I put her on the spot!! She is amazing and you will love her!