Let’s tune into our OWN needs this Valentine’s Day ❤️

Many people are not in a relationship and many unhappy in their relationship…

And this can bring up all kinds of stuff – especially with so many expectations being projected out from the media and society.

But, at the end of the day, it’s up to us how we feel.

No one gets to take that away from us 💪

So how do you want to feel on the 14th of February this year?

And every other day to come?

This is also a good time to tune back into the feelings that are underlying the goals you set for yourself this year – whether in business or life.

What is the feeling deep down you’re trying to achieve?

How can you do it now?

No need to wait for “someday” because that day can be now 🙂

Self-care is always a great way to change our state and offers a shift in perspective to see things differently.

What is it for you? There is no right or wrong way and it’s just what will make you feel good.

Here are some ideas and I encourage you to choose one (or more) that you are drawn to this weekend and on the 14th 💖

💕 buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers

💕 enjoy a candle lit bath with epsom salts and essential oils

💕 go for a hike or walk in nature

💕 connect with a friend for a coffee or glass of wine

💕 take a yoga or meditation class

💕 ask for more help around the house

💕 play music – on a speaker or physically!

💕 write down how you’re feeling with a paper & pen

💕 watch Netflix

💕 paint or draw

💕 have coffee in bed with a good book

💕 shake-up your morning routine

💕 treat yourself to a fiction novel if you’re always reading non-fiction

💕 take a dance class

💕 go for a mani / pedi and add in the neck massage!

💕 and soooo many more that you’re probably already thinking of…

Whichever you decide, know that you are loved and you are valued ❤️

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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