I had such an amazing time speaking and doing a workshop yesterday for the California Chiropractic Association! We honed in on the art of communication, and what it really means to be of service and create a great patient experience! I always find it inspiring to be around people in this industry – who are there to serve and help people feel better on such a deep level AND who are so passionate about what they do 🙂 My husband and I were also able to take advantage of this beautiful setting, with staying over night (sans kids!), and out for an awesome dinner in Little Italy where we celebrated our 13 year anniversary! I am super grateful for all of the up’s, down’s, twists and turns the last 13 years have taken us!!


One of the things we talked about during the conference yesterday, was putting the need to be right aside and making the patient always right instead. This showed up for me this week in a variety of different places – one involving a professional situation (easy to let go of), another involving a family member (not so easy to let go of). It ended up instigating a deeper reflection into the need to be right and – gasp – what if we just let everyone else be right even when we are convinced we are the ones who are right??!! Read on to learn how this actually makes you more flexible, calmer and finally be in a place to let go of what others think!


The first step is to realize what is going on deep down below the need to be right. The need to be right comes from our ego – the part of us that doesn’t feel good enough, smart enough, and that compares ourselves to others. The ego never wants to be wrong because it is so focused on winning at any cost. It’s rooted in lack and therefore there is never enough – not enough love, approval, acceptance or success. It’s just never good enough.


So…what happens if we are wrong from the ego’s perspective?


Well, deep down we take it personally. We feel the f*$k up means we’re a bad person. That people will judge us, not like us and then leave us. Pretty heavy right?! No wonder admitting we’re wrong takes a lot of courage and faith 🙂


On the flipside, what do our higher selves know about being wrong?


Well, we know at a core level that we are always loved no matter what and that we are ALL connected to something bigger. We see it as a way to correct behaviour and actions without taking things personally. We also see our part in the situation and own it. Knowing that it’s empowering to own our mistakes, correct our behaviour and thinking, and create a new empowered way of being instead. We also know deep down that we’re here to learn and making “mistakes” is all a part of our growth and taking us closer to our real goals – freedom, love, peace and joy. That these so-called “mistakes” are actually opportunities to learn and help us shift our perspective. To heighten our awareness instead.


What happens if we just let the other person be right even if our ego is adamant that we are right?


It’s completely freeing! It helps us find any part of the situation that we can own as being our responsibility and then apologize. It helps to smooth over the situation and create peace. It also invites a higher perspective in – to see that the other person has been triggered and fear has come over them. That what they really need is to feel loved like everyone else. It becomes a way of being of service to another human being on a completely different level.


You give love back. You move on. You have a shift in perspective.




You let go of what someone else thinks about you, that you might be judged for this perceived “mistake” and you feel free.


You let it go.


Peace and calm is your new way of being.


I’m in. Working on this right along with you xoxo