I had my first in-person speaking engagement yesterday since covid!

And it was just so nice to actually meet and connect with people in-person ❤️

As much as I love being able to connect with people virtually, nothing beats in-person 🙌

But to be honest, I was a little nervous.

It’s been awhile and I started getting in my head.

Fortunately, I was able to catch it and do what I know to work.

You can use these tips for any presentation you are giving, whether it be a webinar, zoom or in-person talk 🙂

I mapped out practicing my talk on my calendar as the FIRST thing I would do before doing anything else.

Eat that frog anyone?! Thanks Brian Tracey!

I also reminded myself of “when you get nervous, think of service” as one of my mentors once said.

I reminded myself that I was taking the entire audience through a powerful mindset exercise that has the potential to completely change the trajectory of their lives and businesses.

I avoided the pull to work on tasks that could wait – funny how our ego wants to convince us it ALL needs to be done in advance right?!

That just keeps us in overwhelm.

And I added in lots of self-care – coming from a grounded place is key for me in showing-up as my best self.

It also helps me identify anxious behaviour AND over preparing.

There comes a time where you just need to let go and trust yourself.

This brings me to my outfit. I almost talked myself into a cute westerny-kind-of skirt – it was in Arizona afterall!

BUT if I was up on stage worrying that my skirt was too short – it was not going to go well.

So I treated myself to the above skirt – it’s even in my colour!! – and I felt sooo much better and more confident:-)

Trusting ourselves when our ego wants to pull us in a bunch of different directions and distract us is everything.

And last but not least, setting a powerful intention.

Mine is always to connect with the audience and share meaningful information in a way that resonates. And that I will know this has happened because people will come up to me after the talk and share the shifts and ah-ha’s they had.

And people did and I had the most inspiring conversations!

This is why I love to speak 💙

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from the universe, and you will be amazed at how it shows up!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend! I met my Mom at a wellness spa in Phoenix, and we are truly having the best time! Gong bath anyone??!!


Much Love,

~ Chris xox

P.S. I wrote this newsletter BEFORE my talk and it worked out this way! What you put out comes back always! Be intentional 💫💛