I don’t know about you, but we had a busy holiday season!

We had my parents visit from Canada who then came up to Tahoe with us, and then hosted another family for skiing and fun!

And then it was time to go back… and after I wasn’t feeling that great, I decided to stay up and “self-quarantine” just incase.

A self-care dream come true after a busy holiday, or so I thought…🤔

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you KNOW how important self-care is to me and how much I absolutely LOVE it!!

And honestly, I couldn’t remember the last time I had been away by myself, outside of work travel, where it was just for me!

But… after my family left… something interesting happened.

I actually cried.

I felt so lonely and depressed.

Mind you I wasn’t feeling well, but still.

I thought this must be how my friends who are divorced feel, when they don’t have a partner or their kids all of the time.

I really went to a dark place.

So I felt sorry for myself for a bit, and then snapped right out of it! Thank-you to episodes of “My Unorthodox Life” on Netflix!!! Lol.

The next morning I was so inspired, I started doing a new course and some creative writing. I also had my client calls up there, and I am so fortunate to absolutely love my clients! They fill me up more than they could ever know ❤️

And so this Lady and I, enjoyed our 3-nights, 4 days, THOROUGHLY!

Even the 10-hour car ride back was awesome! So beautiful, and I listened to pretty much an entire book. It was bliss!

I in-turn came back super well rested, inspired and relaxed. 🙌

It’s interesting how that subconscious mind always wants to pull us back into fear. Fear of being alone, guilt around doing what we love, etc.

But we gotta push through! Joy and happiness lie on that other side, which benefits every single person around us, including our families and also puts in the flow for business results.

So tune in, and see where you’re holding yourself back out of fear.

Shining a light on it is half the battle. 🔦

Taking action and moving out of it is the send half 💪

You’ve got this and have an amazing weekend!!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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