Some really cool things happened this week!

1. I signed a publishing contract – yayyyy!!!! I’m writing a book and it will be out in 2023!

2. I spoke in Vegas earlier this week for an amazing group!

3. I can see dead people 😳 Remember that line from The Sixth Sense movie? Well, that’s how I feel!

What do these all have in common though?


With the book I kept asking the universe to show me the most supportive people to be involved in creating the book. Who understood and valued the message. AND this has happened and is continuing to! From people helping with the book proposal, onboarding, project management, and the editing process. They truly are a dream team, and I am feeling so supported πŸ’“

With Vegas, I got derailed slightly at a dinner the night before. One of the other speakers took a keen interest in the topic I was speaking about – the subconscious mind and beliefs. He was challenging me a little bit, but I stood my ground. I have known and lived these concepts for years now. But a little part of me took the ego’s bait and questioned myself. I still had the best time and at the end he was so grateful for meeting a kindred spirit and we truly had some fun conversations. But I really had to spend some time getting out of my head the next morning before my talk. This looked like; doing my morning routine, going for a walk in the sun and nature (yep in Vegas!), and doing a quick workout. All of this was divinely led, with asking for a shift in perspective around the whole thing, and I just kept doing each idea that popped into my head and trusting it would work. Ahhh….I felt much better and more connected. The session went way better than I ever could have imaged with someone sharing they were able to forgive someone for something they just hadn’t been able to let go of for years even with trying. We both cried and I thought, this is why I love this work. With how free people feel after having such massive shifts. The energy spent getting into the right place to create the space for this to happen was well worth it πŸ’›

With seeing passed loved ones, this one is BIG! It’s like coming out of the spiritual closet!! Since losing my Dad in 2006, I’ve always been putting myself out there as I learn and grow, and so this isn’t a first by any means. But this one is a little different, as it can seem scary to other people. Since visiting a medium after my Dad first died, it’s comfortable for me now. I’ve been seeing both angel practitioners and regular mediums for years now! And I LOVE it!!!! And what I truly believe all of this is? Is it’s the connection to the universe (and the higher power there for all of us – insert your own belief on what that is for you). When we talk about the law of attraction, and receiving from the universe, it’s those intuitive ideas that we get as a result. So, to me, this is really just our intuition with being able to connect on a deeper level, and truly “listening”. I’ve always had a β€œknowing”, with knowing when I was little my Dad was going to die. It got brushed off by a psychologist, but I knew this feeling was different then just being worried. Well low and behold, he did die abruptly when I was 28. We all have these intuitive abilities.

Over the last year I’ve learned how to trust this guidance in this new form of “seeing”, that I get when I tune in for people, and it’s been spot on! It still amazes me…like seeing people’s passed grandparents and parents that I have never seen a picture of, and knowing what their jewelry looks like and how they communicate with their loved ones. It’s provided so much healing and peace, that I couldn’t not let you know about it too. With business guidance, I’m seeing people at their highest and best, and the support they have around them is sharing next steps and how to step into their brilliance. It’s really fun! And so, like anything else, I had to trust it would be okay letting people know about this too. And what’s happened? Other people are sharing what they’ve been “seeing” and “feeling” too. It’s permission for us all to share these connections we have.

And at the end of the day, what helps me the most when I get nervous? It’s to think about being of service and how this will help other people. It gets me right out of my head and right into my heart ❀️

That tidbit came from the angel practitioner I used to see πŸ˜‡

So, on that note, how can you trust in something bigger that is guiding you, that has all of the answers you’re seeking? To truly take those leaps that seem scary right now and step into being of service instead?

Go for it! Take that next step! I’m here to cheer you on πŸ‘Š

Have a great weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. Our latest podcast episode of One Simple Truth, we talk more about this trust. As a society, we buy into the promise of happiness every time we swipe a credit card. Why not let ourselves get just as swept away by the promise that trusting our inner voice is the best purchase we will ever make? Tune in for some truths!