Our global circle this month has been focused on 21-days of giving! The sincerity and creative ways the members have been giving has blown me away!! I especially love the thoughtful gives around the holidays – like feeding the homeless, buying thoughtful and intentional gifts, smiling at everyone who walks by, being present and spending extra time with people, and the biggest being FORGIVENESS! How impactful?!


Something magical happens when we focus on giving. People GIVE BACK! The kindness is extended, and in business opportunities flow. This is because we are in a state of abundance, meaning great things also flow IN 🙂


As I write this, I am on my way back from a special opportunity that presented itself in NYC. It’s been a whirlwind of a trip. I literally had 30 minutes to book a flight and pack. Every single thing aligned for me to go because I made the DECISION to do so and MADE it happen. From childcare, to making the flight at the last second, to a kind make-up lady fitting me in, to meeting the most remarkable people, to having great seats on the plane, to even being gifted extra food and drinks from the airline attendant as I’m writing this! How remarkable. This is what living in abundance looks like. It about giving AND receiving love and kindness on all levels. I am excited for our Global Circle next month where we will focus on Receiving! I hope you can join us 🙂 See “Chris Recommends” below for details.

Much Love,

~ Chris xo


Click on the image below to watch a video from Chris on taking massive action in NYC!!