This week was busy. I launched a non-profit and started working with an editor on my new book! While continuing to working with some amazing business owners both privately and in groups. 🙂 I am truly grateful for being able to do this work.


Oh, AND something extra cool happened too! I was interviewed as a guest for an expert series on carrying out your message for business owners. See my “Chris Recommends” section for details on that 🙂 Just before the interview, I found out that the entity “Theo” had been interviewed as well! For those of you follow Abraham Hicks enthusiasts, you will know that Esther channels “Abraham” to share inspired guidance on using the law of attraction. Well, Marcus and Sheila Gillette, channel “Theo”, and were the mentors for Jerry and Esther Hicks!! How cool right??!! I was literally saying how I read a ton of books after my initial introduction to this world via the Secret, and it was Jerry and Esther Hicks I was led to next. Talk about things coming full circle!! I can’t wait to listen to that interview!!


Anyway, this week during my group circle for female business owners, we chatted a lot about bringing higher level concepts, like operating from a place of love and how to bring them into real life. The day-to-day nitty gritty. Email came up and I realized in that moment, this is a universal issue. How to move through it with grace and ease…read below for some tips and tricks on this, including what mind-set is required in order to do this.

Email…how many people loathe it?? I too have been in this place and definitely still fall into the trap.

Feeling like we have to respond to it all of the time. Or blatantly disregarding it all together as a way to rebel!

It really does seem like its more the rules and feelings we have around it that makes us loath it…it really isn’t good nor bad, it’s the judgment we out on it.

Like anything.

What if we presuppose it will be a great experience instead?! By presuppose I mean setting the intention for the type of experience we want to have. Like saying, email leads to amazing opportunities! We are presupposing this is the type of experience we are going to have, thus making it much more possible that we actually will have this type of experience. Similarly, by dreading it – whatever those thoughts look like for you – you are presupposing it will be a bad experience, and thus likely creating an experience to match those thoughts.

One of my Sacred Circle clients has had experience in doing both. It’s not surprising, that when she presupposes a positive experience, she has one. And when she presupposes a negative experience, she has one of those too.

This is a direct example of how our thoughts create our reality / experience.

What type of experience do you want to have around it? What will help you to have that experience? Maybe it’s limiting how many lists you’re subscribed to or when you check it. Check in on those rules you have made for yourself around it. Are they empowered? What needs to shift in order to get it to a more inspired place

How can we bring day-to-day tasks in alignment with operating from a place of love? How can we give and receive through that foundation and bring it into everything we do?

The consensus from our group the other day was that being connected to Source is imperative. Taking the time every single morning, and even creating little reminders through out the day. This will enable you to approach ALL of your day-to-day tasks from an empowered, loving place. It will also help you see where to take inspired action, and your actions will be just that, inspired.

Let’s look at how you can start to operate from a more inspired place. You get to decide how you are going to show-up in the world, and therefore “see” the world.

Much Love xo