There is a ton of talk about finding and living our purpose. I used to get hung up on this when I was first starting my business and today I’m sharing how I found it, and what I’ve learned about the process since. It’s great to check in on this, but we don’t want to use it as an excuse to not move forward either 🙂 More on that below.

So how to find your purpose. Well what I’ve come to learn is there is no one specific purpose that we are supposed to live and find while we are on this earth! Sorry to be a buzz kill. It’s more about tuning into our hearts desires instead. What makes your heart sing? We’re here to do what makes us happy and brings meaning to our lives. It’s all about tuning into our soul and giving ourselves permission to go in that direction. That’s it! It’s not like it’s some big thing waiting to be revealed. When I was thinking about switching careers I just wanted to feel passionate about what I was doing because I had lost that fire. I explored many options. Then after being introduced to coaching and knowing that was it, I went in that direction. I would go to a bunch of personal development seminars hoping that exactly what I was supposed to be doing would be revealed. I even saw someone who read toes! I was searching hard!!! What I realized was that I wanted the world to be a better place – word peace. Lofty but possible. To this day this is what gets me fired up and keeps me going – helping people see they can be, do and have anything in life – and once people truly know and step into this place there will be no need for crime, war, etc. My TEDx talk is coming out soon where I share more on this 🙂

So I try to live my best life because that is a part of it – doing things that make me happy, working with people who I love, and surrounding myself with people I have fun with. Because we all have a choice in how we live our lives and my “purpose” is to help others do the same. Because I love it.

When we do what makes us happy, our vision will keep unfolding as we take action. The way to make it happen will be revealed. And it will likely shift, change, and expand then what is initially showed to us. Because if we’re shown it all at once, it would likely feel too overwhelming and we would stop. So if you’re having trouble figuring it out, ask the universe for guidance. Ask to be shown your next steps. When you follow your heart you can’t not go in the right direction. You might course correct along the way, but when you’re following that stirring in your soul, you will never be wrong.

So let’s not get too hung up on this, because this is where I see people getting stuck. They use it as a reason to not move forward in any direction. They are afraid of making the wrong choice. This is the ego trying to keep you stuck. Give yourself permission to tune into your deepest desires – and this is a good check-in even if you are doing what you love already but feeling like things have gotten a little stale. Be honest with yourself and give yourself permission to go for it! Decision first. Way to make it happen shows up second. The universe can’t give you the solution if you haven’t decided that you want it.