I thoroughly enjoyed speaking for the UCSD MBA program last night. It was awesome on so many levels 🙂


1. Because I wanted to go this school after being introduced to it during a family vacation in high school. I loved the campus in La jolla, the palm trees, the ocean, the everything…BUT…I chickened out! It would have meant writing the SAT’s (we don’t do that in Canada), and coming out here all by myself not knowing anyone. So I didn’t go for it. I am now living in San Diego with my husband, our two kids and our dog. Funny how things come full circle when we put the intention out there, and know deep down in our hearts were meant to do something 😉


2. The university I went to in Canada was highly business focused, and deep down I never felt smart enough in comparison to the other business students 🙁 It stems back to a not so nice teacher in 9th grade, and stuck in my subconscious until I dug that sucker out. Needless to say, speaking for an MBA program is huge for me!


3. The staff and student are amazing and I had such a great time getting to know everyone! I’m looking forward to doing more with them in the future 🙂




In today’s article, I chat more about exactly this. Looking at how we’re making decisions so that we can start creating more of what we do want instead.


I realized something pretty interesting the other day. Yes the energy we put out comes back to us, but there is something much deeper going on underneath the surface. If you can nail this one law of attraction step, you will truly step into a place of being able to create more of your dreams!


There is a lot of discussion on how what we put out comes back to us. From an energetic perspective. So if we are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, we will get back more in our life to be overwhelmed and stressed out about, like unexpected bills, getting stuck in traffic, clients having issues, etc. On the flip side, if we are relaxed and happy, we receive more back that makes us feel relaxed and happy, like new opportunities, finances increasing, a surprise from a loved one, etc.


BUT…here’s the kicker…


It’s not that these things are magically showing-up, we’re creating them! And I’m talking about this being deeper than just the law of attraction (LOA). Per the LOA, if you’re miserable, you will attract more into your life to be miserable about.


<< As an aside, a mentor once explained the whole attraction thing like this and it made perfect sense. It’s not so much that you’re attracting these things into your life and they’re magically appearing, they’re already there. It’s more about what you’re seeing. So if you’re saying that you want success, but deep down you don’t feel worthy enough, you’re putting out an unworthy energy.


You will not see the solution that is already there to create the success you’re wanting because your energy doesn’t match it. You literally will not see the next step or opportunity that is right there waiting for you. You will miss it. You need to feel worthy and positive in order to see the solution. Since the solution is positive, you need to feel positive to see it and receive it. >>


It’s all about the feeling.


So now back to my revelation.


I am going to take the above concept even further. It’s more than just operating on the same frequency as what you are asking for, i.e. more peace, love, abundance, etc.


It’s that you’re making decisions from this place.


Your decisions have energy.


So when you are overwhelmed, you are really attracting / seeing, whatever you want to call it, more decisions that are in alignment with that energy.


It’s the decision that is causing what you are creating.


If you’re overwhelmed, you will make decisions from this place. You’re thinking at a low vibration and therefore so are your decisions. You continue to take on more then you should, you have poor boundaries, you don’t give yourself enough time, you are making yourself crazy with plans! These poor decisions keep you in overwhelm. It goes round and round, until you become aware of it and make a different, more empowered choice.


By contrast, if you’re feeling relaxed and happy, you make decisions from this place. You decide to do more that brings you joy and peace. You make more time for yourself, and what you love (like exercising & meditating), and you are conscious about how you are spending your time. You are making empowered decisions that lead to empowered results.


And here’s the real gem. Wait for it…YOU LET GO EASIER!!!!


Of the drama, the stories that keep you in other people’s business, the gossip, the high expectations and the hurt feelings.


You let go of this stuff sooo much faster – the expression “letting it roll off your back” rings true. If you even realize it’s on your back to begin with.




So let’s look at A) how you’re feeling deep down, and B) how you’re making decisions.


Shift the decision, shift the energy, shift what you’re creating.