Getting in our heads can be rough. We second guess ourselves and we sometimes even give up as a result! Read today’s article where I share how to get out of your head quickly so that you can continue to create your goals and dreams 🙂


The mind can be a crazy beast. It can help you accomplish the most amazing things and it can also debilitate you and bring you to your knees.


That might sound extreme, but I am completely serious.


If you get stuck in your “head” everything and anything becomes about You. You take things personally, you make assumptions and this inevitably leads to a trip down the rabbit hole of self-doubt. When you doubt yourself, it affects everything you do. From how you make decisions to how you interact with clients and family. Not good.


So how can you shift this and get out of your own head? Read on to learn how.


When I traveled to Peru a few years ago, I learned about connecting the head, heart and gut for ultimate peace and happiness, after working with a shaman. It’s been my experience that this also leads to massive success.


In order to use your mind to its fullest potential, you must connect with your heart first. Tuning into your heart will help you come into alignment with your love and passion. You can then use your mind for all of its wisdom to help you carry out your passion in the most in the most effective way.


The point is to stop living form your head and making decisions there. Tune into your heart and make decision from there instead, then use your mind to help you make it happen.


What is your gut for then, you ask?


Your gut is the area that is going to help you manifest your desires. It is the powerhouse of energy.


If something feels “off” in your gut trust it. Your gut, or also known as your intuition never lies. It’s imperative that your gut is in alignment with what you are doing. For therein lies an unmatched energy that will help you manifest all of your hearts’ desires.


How to come into alignment. Set the intention. Get out in nature and ask the universe for help bringing all three to alignment. Do a meditation where the intention is to come into alignment and do some breathing work around it. To specifically get out of your head – place your hands over your heart and take 3 deep breathes. This will help you to bring your focus back to your heart.


I’ve also found that getting out in nature is a crucial piece to this. The energy is purer and it’s easier to gain clarity when out of your regular environment. It’s a great way to start your day and to be proactive.


Another tip is to watch or read something inspirational. This will help you to realign with your bigger vision and realize this isn’t about you. You are here to serve and when you get caught-up in your head you are being taken away from your bigger mission / purpose. Come back to your heart and live from this place. This is where you will create your heart’s desire and be of service in the best possible way.