I am super happy to report that I am on vacation this week with the fam.! We have been venturing around San Diego, and it has been really relaxing!

This week I have decided to do something different. I am including an article from a friend who is an amazing branding expert! She has been generous enough to share with us what we should (and shouldn’t) have on our websites 🙂 Read on to find out what will help you have an effective website.

“How To Get A Website That Sells”

You’re busy, I’m busy so lets cut to the chase…

You need a website that sells.
You’ve been thinking it, I just said it.

But – what the what – does that even mean?
You’ve maybe heard of email capture this and social media that.

Let me tell you somethin’ there is more to it.

Here’s How…


I hate to admit this but brand doesn’t always mean “look nice.” Looking nice is not always a guarantee for sales. Brand means creating something so compelling that no one can say “no,” not even to the idea of the company. You must also understand that your market molds your brand like an ice cream scooper. You need the tasty flavor and they roll it into a nice little ball and put all the chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top they want. Its okay to be a little melty too (aka flexible) because thats what makes it easier for peeps to feel like they’re playing a part in your brand creation. Where yo’ brand at? Annnndddd are you excited about your brand and showing off your website? proof in pudding.


I’m so sick of everyone wanting to put every thought they’ve ever had on their home page. It’s like that creepy old lady that shows up with every eye shadow color she’s ever owned, and somehow she never ran out of the blue one. Stop it. Clean and to the point. Messy site, messy business. Think about it? Admit it. and move on to doing something about it.


Stay with me now. I always ask my clients the infamous desert island question…”your prospect lands on your page and can only do one thing…what do you want them to do? Go!” This is the main focus of your site and the main focus of your home page especially. Do you want them to call you? Then don’t freaking hide your contact info on the contact page FRONT n CENTER baby. Do you want them to share about you on social media, then have one of those nifty Facebook stalker widgets. Are you focused? Hello?


Same site from 3 years ago? How bout even 3 months ago?…boring. Yah I’m talking a bout you! So have you changed in the last 3 months? Have you grown and realized things about your business, how you want to do things, how your clients interact with you? I hope the answer is a resounding “YES!” Time to step up and, well, prove it. Your site always needs to reflect your stage of business or you will keep pulling in your “meh” clients instead of your”woohoo!” clients. Out of date. Out of business. Capeeshh?


Peoples needs to shows up. The first four above insure that they won’t get nauseous or confused when they do. This doesn’t mean you need to launch a huge SEO (search engine optimization) campaign. Traffic can come from many places…referrals, di rect marketing, print campaigns, pay per social media, articles, media exposure and many more. Have you had anyone help you realize what the best way to drive traffic to your site is for you? Based on who YOU are and who your CLIENTS are? Hmm?

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