If you joined me for our challenge last week you will know my hair was driving me crazy!!!

Well ✔️ that off the toleration list! WHOO HOO!

And yes I’m rocking a cat t-shirt…I’ve reached my animal apparel years 🤣

All kidding aside, I am feeling LIGHTER as I tackle these tolerations!

How about you?!

I’m going to tackle a couple of other small ones this weekend, but for the most part the theme will be to do less and focus on the self more 🩷

Plus my teenage daughter is having her boyfriend over and therefore I’m under house arrest. Ha! Just kidding, not kidding, but it will be the perfect opportunity to tackle those “spiritual” tolerations, aka doing some extra things for myself that I’ve been wanting to do.

And on that note, when we have extra kid things going on, how do we still have the energy to focus on our businesses?

Or when anything heavy is going on for that matter?

I remember one of my business coaches once saying, that if you’re doing anything family related during business hours you’re allowing yourself to be distracted.

While I see what he was getting at – the we need to stay focused and our subconscious is going to try to sabotage us – I do think that’s a bit harsh.

We got into business for ourselves to have more freedom to spend our time the way we wanted to. So that we can be there for our kids, and anyone else who is important to us ❤️

And I also understand what it’s like to love working and creating, and not want to stop, say when the kids are home sick.

But I do think there’s a way to do both.

First, we need to let go of the word balance, as I don’t think it actually exists. I think it’s a perfection trap. Something is always going to happen, that’s life.

Second, it’s all about how we handle life’s ups and down’s and how we approach them. If we take some of the fear out, fear of not enough time, fear of not enough money, fear of not enough whatever…we can be a little more present.

And we can be more present to our own needs.

What do we need in the moment?

Do we need to scale back for our own mental health? Do we need to set stronger boundaries and stay focused on what we’re creating?

Only you can decide. Only you know deep down if a life circumstance is taking you away from your dreams or a call for healing.

Or maybe it’s a little bit of both.

So tune in, ask yourself what is important to you and consciously decide what is best for you. GUILT free.